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Offices In All Major California Cities: Los Angeles Based Employment Attorneys

Based out of Los Angeles with offices located across the entire state, we are California’s largest law firm committed solely to representing employees in their disputes with employers. Our clients include a wide variety of employees including those employees being denied their hourly wages at large corporations, whistleblowers fighting discrimination and managers and executives who now must fight to enforce the compensation terms of their employment agreements.

We have successfully built a reputation as Los Angeles based employment attorneys who prepare all their cases for trial from the very beginning. For that reason, opponents take our clients and our lawyers very seriously.

California Employees Only | Representing Employees for Over 25 Years

We hold the decades of experience needed to aggressively try any employment law case throughout the state and against any employer, large or small, private or public. Clients rest easier, knowing they can rely on our judgment to guide them through this legal process strategically and confidently.