Fresno Employment Attorney

When it comes to finding an attorney in the field of employment Stephen Danz & Associates is worthy of your serious consideration. The firm.has been helping the wrongfully terminated employees of Fresno for many years and has succeeded at getting them the help they need. He and his local co counsel are able to offer assistance in any one of the following categories:

1. Civil Rights Law cases
2. Sexual Harassment cases
3. Discrimination
4. Breach of Contract
5. Class Actions

You can obtain the full list from this website by simply clicking on the corresponding link. The firm has also pursued major, seven figure litigation for Fresno and Kings County whistle blowers. Litigating under the Federal False Claims Act has been a significant feature of the firm's many years of practice in the Central Valley. Besides hospital fraud against Medicare and Medical, the firm has filed qui tam, or false claims cases on behalf of defrauded taxpayers where growers have falsely claimed crop insurance in Fresno, Kings and Tulare County.

Stephen Danz employment attorney of Fresno has fought over hundreds of these kinds of cases before. We are proud to be associated with John Fowler in Fresno. John has co counseled with Steve Danz on numerous cases in Fresno County and also handles Tulare County. He and Steve have combined to produce literally hundreds of thousands of dollars in recovery for the working folks of Fresno.

The mistake that many people make is that they do not know what to do or who to turn to once they find themselves in a situation where they have been fired for unnecessary reasons. They usually tend to just move on and find another job as quickly as possible, instead of searching for the help and justice that they deserve to receive. Whether you need experienced counsel to help you with an employment contract dispute or a determined, aggressive voice to represent you in a sexual harassment suit, we offer the knowledge, the skills, and the experience to help ensure your legal satisfaction and success.

Give Employment Attorney Fresno a call today and find out if you can get the help and justice that you deserve. Do not wait a minute longer, your help for your future job as well as receiving money for your wrongful termination is just one call away.