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About Our California Employment Law Firm

Stephen Danz & Associates is California's major state-wide employee-only law firm with attorneys and offices throughout the state. The main office is in Brentwood (Los Angeles), and the firm has a presence in San Bernardino, San Diego, Sacramento and the Bay Area. Each client is represented by an experienced associate who handles the day to day work associated with each case, and by Steve Danz himself who serves as senior attorney on the case.

The firm prides itself on striving to return each communication the same day received from its clients, a rare practice in this day. Clients are also provided copies of all documents of significance (even those not requiring client action) pertinent to their case.

We hire only the best and brightest employment attorneys who have many years' experience in employment litigation, who are all active members of the California State Bar and numerous employment and labor law organizations. Steve Danz, managing attorney, is a member of, and speaker at numerous employment bar associations. The firm successfully litigates and settles hundreds of employment law cases each year throughout the state.

Typical factual patterns involve employees who are induced to relocate under false promises, perhaps of long-term employment, a particular bonus, or other inducements. Under California Labor Code 972, double damages can be claimed by that employee. The firm is a leading authority on wage and hour class actions and has currently pending numerous claims on behalf of entire work-forces where, for example, employees are forced to chose between lunch or work breaks; are denied overtime (sometimes by misclassifying these employees as “supervisors”), and related issues.

The California Government Code, Section 12940, outlaws discrimination in employment and the firms' largest single category of cases falls in this heading. Typical cases have included race, national origin, age (40-70), physical and mental condition and retaliation for complaining about discrimination. The firm also provides legal representation to whistleblowers. Whistleblowers include employees who report unsafe working conditions, either to the government or to management. In many cases the firm has sought and received punitive damages on behalf of its clients where the employer's actions have been found to have been done with malice, oppression or fraud.

Each new caller's case is reviewed by the senior partner along with the local associate and a prompt decision is made whether the firm can be of help. As the firm does not do workman's compensation, referrals are made to appropriate attorneys.

All consultations are free and clients may e-mail on our website's contact form or call 877.789.9707 (toll free).

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