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Our referral program can be your own profit center! Currently, we are proud to be the regular referring source for employment litigation by over 125 of California's leading attorneys and law firms. We pay generous referral fees in accordance with the State Bar Rules and give reciprocal referrals where appropriate. Last year, our average referral fee was $9,950! We also provide regular updates on your referred cases. Please contact Stephen Danz to discuss your potential referrals at (877) 789-9707 or 877 789 9707. Please let us know the primary area of your practice so that we may consider you for reciprocal referrals.

If you are reading this after hours, Steve would be delighted to chat with you RIGHT NOW! Call him on his cell at 310 600-9276.

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About Our Law Firm

With over 30 years of trial and settlement experience, Stephen Danz and Associates is California's largest employee only, statewide law firm with offices in Los Angeles, San Diego, Sacramento, San Bernardino, and Oakland. Our firm is dedicated to representing employees in disputes against their employers. Our attorneys represent employees in class actions, wrongful termination cases, discrimination (age, sex, race, national origin, and physical or medical condition) and harassment cases, wage disputes, overtime pay cases, and rest and meal period cases.

Danz & Associates has just published to all California employment attorneys are most recent Causes of Action Checklist. This is the most thorough and comprehensivbe guide to all causes of action normally relied upon in fashioning a bullet-proof lawsuit for our clients. Attorneys are welcome to contact us directly through this referral site or call Steve directly at 877 789 9707 to get a copy of the Checklist. We've received rave reviews from our attorney users! We offer it free to all California employment attorneys as a public service designed to increase the chances of success for their clients.

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