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Bakersfield, Kern County Employment Law

Bakersfield – Kern County Employment Attorney

If you have ever been wrongfully terminated from a job or have faced issues at work that have kept you from performing at your level, then you are in need of an employment attorney. We have helped employees in Bakersfield and Kern County for years.  In this area we are pleased to co counsel with Brent Rosensweig who has worked with Dan & Associates over 15 years and has vast experience in a number of areas such as:

1. Wrongful Termination
2. Discrimination
3. Sexual Harassment
4. Breach of Contract including Labor Code Violations
5. Class Actions

One of our main areas of practice is whistle blowing law. If you are aware of anything illegal your employer is doing, and especially if you have complained about it, please let us know.You may be entitled to recovery under the Federal False Claims Act. California has its own version of this law.

Many of our Bakersfield cases involve wage and hour violations, as well as unsafe working conditions, in the oil field industry. We've represented field workers, truck drivers, office workers, executives and others in this vital industry. Many complex issues involve federal-state jurisdiction (such as with truck drivers). We have the expertise to sort through this complex area and make sure your suit is properly filed both in the right court and with the right causes of action. Many such causes involve a preliminary need to file a claim with an administrative agency. Failure to do this where required by law might well result in the loss of your case.

All clients are represented on a contingency. If by any chance your case was unable to be won at court, you do not have to pay. All you have to pay for are costs. Do not hesitate, give Employment Attorney Bakersfield or Kern County a call today and see if your claim can be taken care of. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with our service. Today, many cases are resolved in arbitration. We do not object to fair and legal arbitration agreements offered to our employees by their former employees.

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