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Los Angeles Employment Attorney

Los Angeles Employment Attorney

Having a job in Los Angeles today is necessary if you want to be able to pay any bills and be able to feed yourself. But at the same time, it is very important that you know your rights as an employee and know what to do if you ever feel you were wrongfully terminated from your job. That is what Stephen Danz and Associates Employment Attorney in Los Angeles are all about. Stephen Danz is a professional employment attorney of Los Angeles and is willing to help the working employees of Los Angeles get the help they need if they are ever fired and feel it was wrongfully carried out.

For example, if you have ever been sexually harassed, turned down because of your race or age, or ever received a personal injury at work and did not receive any help or attention for it, Stephen Danz Employment Attorney in Los Angles can help you out. He will look over your personal case and see to it that if indeed you were wrongfully terminated for reasons beyond your personal control, that you win your case in court and get some well deserved money. Issues such as sexual harassment or being turned down for a job because of race or age do happen but many people go on with their lives never having done anything about it. Stephen Danz wants to change that and make sure that all employees of Los Angeles receive the help and assistance they need.

Los Angeles residents are indeed fortunate to have no less than four LA offices of Danz & Associates to represent them. These are in Brentwood (this is our main corporate office), Beverly Hills, Mid Wilshire, Pasadena, Manhattan Beach, and, further East San Bernardino. (Many of our clients live in the Inland Empire area but commute in to Los Angeles. As court rules generally require that we file our lawsuits in the employee's work area, this office makes it easy to see an attorney locally while still having the lawsuit filed in the right county.

One of our rapidly-expanding areas of practice in Los Angeles is whistle blowing. If you know or suspect your employer is cutting corners and breaking the law, and you have questioned or complained about this, you might have valuable rights as a whistle blower. Your rights generally fall under two categories: First, you may have a wrongful termination lawsuit (or other causes of action, such as defamation). Secondly, as a whistle blower, you may have the right to be a "relator" or plaintiff on behalf of the United States in order to recoup monies paid to the company in error or as a result of fraud. We have represented many Los Angeles residents who have questioned the legality of their employer's actions and recovered substantial sums as a result of our representation in partnership with the Department of Justice. Whistle blowing at this level is not for the faint of heart and if you plan to "commit the truth", have the highest-possible legal representation. Details are critical in this area, as is timing. Don't lose your status as the "original source" by making disclosures prematurely. Let us give you the legal advise you will need to make a correct decision.

Give Employment Attorney Los Angeles a call today to find out if you qualify for a reasonable case. Do not go on any longer ignoring the fact that you were fired for a job you know you should not have been fired for. Instead of wondering if you will ever find another job again, give us a call first and let us fight for your individual rights.

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