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Marin County Employment Attorney

Marin County Employment Attorney

With over 30 years of experience in trial and settlements, Stephen Danz and Associates have been able to help out employees in Marin County for many years with continued satisfaction. Stephen Danz helps out employees who have been wrongfully terminated from a job or who have been miss treated at work and need help taking their claims to court.
The following is a condensed list of areas in which Stephen Danz specializes in helping employees out in:

1. Wages / Hour Dispute
2. Class Actions
3. Sexual Harassment
4. Breach of Contract
5. Severance Negotiations

Marin County represents a historic site for SD&A as Steve first started his law practice here over 30 years ago, working out of an office behind his garage in Sausalito, and accepting referals from the Marin County Bar Association. Steve became active in the legal community in the Bay Area and went on to develop a reputation as an outstanding trial attorney. Back in the day, all cases went to jury trial instead of being forced into arbitration, and Steve quickly notched up over 25 jury trials. He went "state wide" with his consumer-only practice in the late 70s and has maintained his firm's lead as the "go to" firm for individuals with whistle blowing, wrongful termination, and discrimination issues. Steve recalls fondly flying his private aircraft out of a small, not exactly straight, rural airport in Marin County, Smith Ranch Road. From there, he would meet with clients throughout the state. Since then, he has flown hundreds of medical volunteer missions on behalf of Angel Flight West.

To get the complete list of areas in which he can help you out in, click onto the corresponding link on this webpage. Many employees do not know that they have these special rights or that there are even employment attorneys out there. Stephen Danz Employment Attorney in Marin County understands that many people might not know if their case is legitimate enough or not to take to court, which is why he will hear your case and tell you if you qualify for help or not.

Stephen Danz and Associates offer the knowledge, the skills, and the experience to help ensure your legal satisfaction and success. So give Employment Attorney Marin County a call today and see how you can be helped.

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