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Mountain View Employment Attorney

Mountain View Employment Attorney

Mountain View Employment Attorney focuses entirely on all aspects of employment law, including age discrimination, gender discrimination, race discrimination, sexual harassment, pregnancy discrimination, retaliation and all other types of employment law issues.

Additionally, our practice covers common employment and labor related issues:
1. Breach of Contract
2. Sexual Harassment
3. Personal Injury
4. Discrimination
5. Workers Compensation
6. Class Action Lawsuit
7. Wrongful Termination
8. Wrongful Death
9. Overtime Pay
10. Medical Leave Violations

If you have ever been wrongfully terminated from a job or have ever been mistreated or been exposed to unfair treatment at work, then Employment Attorney Mountain View can help you.

Mountain View Employment Lawyer Specializes in Wrongful Termination, Sexual Harassment, Race Discrimination and Breach of Contract

We maintain offices where we can meet with our clients. Our employment and labor law division is comprised of respected and skilled employment attorneys who specialize in handling employment and labor related issues. They have obtained impressive settlements and verdicts in courts all over San Francisco. and the Bay Area. Our San Francisco office currently handles litigation arising in the Mountain View-Santa Clara County area.  We are proud to co counsel our Bay Area cases with Chris and Mark LeClerc, two of the finest employment attorneys (who just happen to be brothers). Together, Chris, Mark and Steve Danz have co counseled numerous cases resulting in six figure settlements, arbitration awards and/or verdicts. You can be assured of highlyk professional representation by our Bay Area Team. We have represented many clients in high tech, aerospace, health care, finance, transportation, securities and finance law, throughout the Bay Area. Let us review the facts of your case with you--we always recognize YOU as the expert on the facts in your case!

If you need experienced counsel in business and commercial litigation matters, or with respect to an employment dispute, contact us to schedule an appointment.

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To see whether your case qualifies for a free initial consultation with Stephan Danz & Associates, call (877) 789 9707 or send us an e-mail. Steve, Mark or Chris will promptly let you know whether your case is a candidate for our office. Remember we advance all costs and there is never a fee until your case settles! And then, its always ac contingency based on the amount we recover for you.

The firm represents clients in the San Francisco area and throughout Southern California.

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    Mark LeClerc

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