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Palmdale Employment Attorney

Palmdale Employment Attorney

Many people today still face injustices at work, such as being discriminated, working overtime without pay or even being sexually harassed, sometimes even leading to being wrongfully terminated from your job. That is why we have people like Stephen Danz Employment Attorney in Palmdale to help out these employees get the justice and help that they deserve and need. Stephen Danz has over 30 years of trial and settlement experience and has received nothing but satisfaction from all the people that he has helped.

Some of the areas in which he specializes in are wrongful termination, breach of contract, discrimination, and sexual harassment. Here at Stephen Danz and Associates Employment Attorney in Palmdale we represent you, the employee, against your employer. We take your claims seriously. We don't look for quick fixes & fast settlements. In addition, Stephen Danz represents his clients on a contingency. That means, simply put, no recovery no fee! Danz and Associates advances all court costs so you are not out a single penny. If there is no recovery (a very rare occurrence at this law firm), then you owe nothing.

We are represented  by co counsel Brent Rosensweig in the High Desert and together with Steve, Brent has represented dozens of clients in all aspects of employment related litigation. He has been a Danz counsel attorney for over 15 years and is known for his extremely diligent investigation and preparation of all cases he handles. We have found that it is only through diligent preparation that a defendant employer will take seriously any effort to settle the case. We take all cases "as if" they are going to trial and can walk away from small token offers, knowing that we are well prepared to take your case to trial.

So if you or anybody you know needs the assistance of a professional employment attorney have them referred to Stephen Danz of Palmdale. Give Employment Attorney Palmdale a call today and find out if your case can be taken to court. Remember, you deserve the help and justice granted to you as an employee, you no longer have to put up with the everyday issues you faced at work. We guarantee you that you will be happy with the service and help of Stephen Danz.

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