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Riverside Employment Attorney

Riverside Employment Attorney

Have you ever been wrongfully terminated from a job but did not know who to turn to or who you should contact? If this is the case, look no further. Stephen Danz is a professional employment attorney and has been helping out employees in the city of Riverside for years. He helps employees get their jobs back as well as settle their cases in court and see that they get the justice they deserve.

Working through our Inland Empire office, attorney Pip Smits has represented our clients for many years and has many victories, including a recent $400,000 settlement on behalf of a vicim to sex discrimination at a major Riverside factory. Pip's cases have included many truck driving cases in the Inland Empire area and she was recently victorious in opposing an attempt to have an overtime class action (filed under Private Attorney General's Act) dismissed. Many of our long haul trucker driver cases have complex federal jurisdictional issues such as those that arise under the jurisdiction of the United States Department of Labor.

Some of the areas in which Stephen Danz specializes in helping his clients out in are:

1. Breach of Contract
2. Discrimination
3. Sexual Harassment
4. Wages/ Hours Dispute
5. Severance Negotiations

To find out what other areas he specializes in, simply click on the corresponding link on this webpage.

For example, if you or somebody you know have ever been fired due to a sever medical condition, worked overtime without pay, been sexually harassed, discriminated or turned down for a job position because of your national origin, race or age, you have a legitimate case in which you can win money for in court. Stephen Danz employment attorney of Riverside represents all his clients on a contingency. If we are unable to win your case in court, you do not pay. You only have to pay for costs.

Give Employment Attorney Riverside a call today and see if you qualify for a legitimate case in court. Not only will you receive the help and justice that you deserve, but you will be able to obtain money for your case as well as finding a better job or getting back your old job. Do not hesitate to call, remember you have rights and you should fight for them!

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