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San Luis Obispo Employment Attorney

San Luis Obispo Employment Attorney

For over 30 years, Stephen Danz employment attorney has been helping out employees in San Luis Obispo and many other cities across Los Angeles settle disputes and win trials in court dealing with wrongful termination cases or any negative acts that were received by an employee while at work. Some of the issues in which Stephen Danz specializes in are the following:

1. Breach of Contract
2. Class Actions
3. Sexual Harassment
4. Whistle Blower Cases (fired for trying to obey the law)
5. Discrimination

These are just a few of the many areas in which Stephen Danz Employment Attorney in San Luis Obispo can help employees out in. The problem is that many people do not know who to turn to or that they have the right to fight for their claims. This is why Stephen Danz has been helping all employees out all over San Luis Obispo to be able to let employees know that help is out there.

Here at Stephen Danz and Associates, we represent you, the employee, against your employer. Your claims are taken seriously, and are not looked at as simple quick fixes or fast settlements.

So give Employment Attorney San Luis Obispo a call today to find out any additional information and questions you may have answered. Whether it is experienced counseling you are looking for to help you settle an employment contract dispute or to help settle a claim that you have, Stephen Danz and Associates Employment Attorney in San Luis Obispo offer the skills, knowledge and profession to help you get the satisfaction and justice that you deserve.

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