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Temecula Employment Attorney

Temecula Employment Attorney

Stephen Danz employment attorney of Temecula has been helping employees get the help they need for problems that they face at work. He specializes in cases such as being rejected or fired for a job due to national origin, race, age, pregnancy, personal injury, wrongful death and plenty more. If you have even been a victim of any of these or any other personal issue that you were fired for that was not for any legitimate reason, let Stephen Danz Employment Attorney in Temecula be of assistance to you.

He has helped over hundreds of employees win cases in which they were wrongfully terminated or simply turned down for a job for the wrong reasons. Many people simply do not know what to do in these types of situations and simply move on and look for different jobs, when in reality they can take the issue to court and win money out of it, as well as get hired for that same job or for an even better job. For example, have you ever received any injuries at work which enabled you to work for a while? Stephen Danz employment attorney of Temecula will explain the importance of having workers compensation and how you may be entitled to receiving benefits.

We are pleased to service our French Valley and Temecular-area clients from both our San Diego offices (Carlsbad and Mission Valley), ably staffed by Melanie Porter and Marcus Jackson). Melanie and Marcus (a graduate of Stanford Law School) have represented our client/employees in literally dozens of high profile matters over the last five years. Sexual harassment, wrongful termination, discrimination based on workman's compensation injuries, failure to accommodate, failure to dialog, retaliation have all been handled successfully by this awesome duo.

An interesting side note: Even though your residence in Temecula is closest to our San Diego legal team, in many cases the actual lawsuit must be filed in Riverside County, as that is the County in which Temecula is located. In that case, we may well have you meet with Pip Smits who runs our full time San Bernardino office. This office handles all of the Inland Empire.

In addition, we represent our clients on a contingency. If we are unable to win you case at court, you do not pay. You only pay the costs. But at Stephen Danz and Associates of Temecula, we will try our hardest to make sure we never lose a case with our clients.

To find out more information, give Employment Attorney Temecula a call or you can give Stephen Danz a direct call and find out if we can help you out. Do not wait a minute longer, your help for your future job as well as receiving money for your wrongful termination is just one call away.

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