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California Employment Law Resources

You want - and should insist on - a law firm with the resources to accept your case on a contingency only, advance all costs and commit the assets needed to have your case fully prepared for trial. That's what makes for outstanding settlements and what SD&A is known for.

First, with 15 + attorneys and dedicated support staff in 10 offices throughout California, SD & A has the human resources to get the right attorney assigned to your case. Normally, that is a local attorney, which means you don't have to travel hundreds of miles just for a "free" consult.  Since all of our offices practice only employment law, we probably have the experts sitting right in your hometown ready to take your case to court. And remember: Senior Parnter Steve Danz is on all pleadings as one of your two licensed attorney-representatives. (And we are passionate advocates!)

We have found that meticulous preparation of your case for trial is the most important step in making sure the employer-defendant knows they have to make serious offers to avoid trial by a jury of your peers. That requires a firm with the financial strength to spend in advance what is needed to win your case. Primarily, costs of discovery boil down to taking depositions of all necessary parties and witnesses. Employment cases are necessarily expensive to prepare via deposition since many witnesses are needed to prove your case, especially where a harasser has left his/her mark on many victims in the workplace. Secondly, expert testimony is often-times needed in cases alleging large loss of wages, projections of future lost wages, or work place investigations regarding adequacy of investigations conducted to date. SD & A has the resources to hire these experts for you.

Our resources include the combined brainpower of all of our attorneys through inter-office networking and informal idea sharing. Steve Danz is always one of your two attorneys and will have continuing input into the strategies utilized to make your case a success. He has had over 35 years of practical experience representing plaintiffs in all aspects of employment litigation. This includes federal false claims, age, sex, race, national origin, physical and mental disabilities, hostile work environment and sex harassment. Steve has partnered with the federal government's US Department of Justice in qui tam, or federal whistle blower cases which have recovered millions of dollars for the federal government and health relator pay-outs to his clients.

Through the use of electronic research and networking throughout the State and Nation with professional groups such as the National Employment Lawyer's Association, the California Employment Lawyers' Association, the State Bar of Calfiornnia Labor and Employment Law Section, LEFTJAW (Legal Eagles for Truth, Justice and the American Way), the Los Angeles County Bar Association, the Consumer Attorneys of California and the Los Angeles County Consumer Attorneys' organization, along with the California Attorney Applicant Association, Steve is continually researching, lecturing on, and helping lead California's employment law practice. This is truly the legal horsepower you need to win your case!

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