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As some of San Diego’s most successful Age Discrimination attorneys, Stephen Danz and Associates welcomes the opportunity to represent you.  For over four decades, we’ve represented California employees against corporations and employers who have unlawfully discriminated against or failed to prevent workplace harassment those over 40 years of age.   If you are part of this protected age group and believe that you’ve suffered a firing, refusal to hire, demotion, non-promotion, wage discrepancy, or other action related to your age, you are a victim under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (“ADEA”) and California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act (“FEHA”).

ADEA and FEHA Employment-based discrimination cases rely heavily on proving that the age of the victim was a central factor in the employer’s negative workplace decision.  Accordingly, companies attempt to disguise such illegal actions within the framework of a restructuring or rebranding of the product or service.  We’ve counseled thousands of individuals, filed class actions, and protect older workers who were a victim to such unlawful conduct – amongst other unscrupulous corporate behavior.

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California employment discrimination cases demand attorneys who are familiar with the local court rules, judges, and marketplace, well-versed in the multitude of laws, and equipped with the experience and resources to take on the biggest companies and defense firms.  The success of each case hinges and the amount of compensation for lost wages, benefits, emotional harm, and other related damages is contingent upon the representation.  Trust the specialized attorneys at Stephen Danz and Associates for a thorough understanding of your case, obtaining the justice that you deserve, and the proper application of the laws.

Our specialized exclusively employee-side attorneys review the case with you at your convenience and remain involved each step of the way.   Often, this involves a review of the facts, request, and analysis of the evidence through subpoena, deposition of your supervisor and those involved in the decision-making, and many other resources that are well beyond the capability of smaller law firms.

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When searching for “for Age Discrimination San Diego” you need to speak to an attorney who specializes in plaintiff employment law. To evaluate whether your case includes violations of federal or state laws, contact our office for an initial free no obligation consultation at (877)789-9707.  At the conclusion of the consultation, our attorney will promptly let you know the strength of your case.  We can also meet with you in person.  Se Habla Espanol.


Age Discrimination San Diego

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“Mr. Danz and Ms. Porter,

Thank you very much for your legal assistance a few weeks back. The problems I was encountering at work were having an extremely adverse effect on every aspect of my daily life. Relationships with my fiance, friends, and family were growing increasingly tense, and my overall daily outlook was grim as a consequence of not being able to see any viable options to remedy the situation. Your willingness to write, speak over the phone, and meet with me was extremely generous. Furthermore, the way in which you treated my family and I was overwhelming. In a calm, compassionate, and sincere fashion, you were able to explain to us very clearly several meaningful options in which to resolve the conflict I had with my employer. On the drive home from meeting with both of you, I felt for the first time in a long time, a sense of relief and renewed the ability to enjoy the moment.

Your confidence and professionalism in all of my interactions with you allowed me to trust you completely when advice was offered. I wrote a forceful letter to my employer that was as closely in line with the advice you gave I as could create. On the same day that I emailed said letter, I received a reply from my employer that demonstrated very clearly that I had his attention. Immediately after, I received verbal and written reassurances that the matter was being dealt with promptly. Within three weeks I was in the shop, and two weeks after that I my application for the opening at a closer location was accepted. Every part of what I was asking for was granted, and then some.

I would love to fly you both to Hawaii for an all expense paid vacation, but my wife would kill me as we are still in the “postponed” phase of our honeymoon due to lack of funds. At the moment, I give you my most sincere appreciation. I understand that you are both business persons, and had the issue gone to trial or arbitration, much money could have been made. At no time though, did I sense that your motivation was driven by a desire to win money. You both seemed genuinely driven by a desire to help someone who did not readily see how to help himself. That to me is the definition of love and compassion. Thank you for treating my wife, daughter, and I with such love and compassion.

I apologize for it taking so long to get the above thanks to you. My tardiness is in no way an indication that I take this issue lightly. My tardiness IS the result of wanting to dedicate adequate time to compose a thank you that reflects the sincerity and magnitude of my gratitude.

One last thing. Mr. Danz, do you remember mentioning that I was hired as a form of advertisement for the company? You said it would be a way for them to show potential new-hires that one of the top Universal Technical Institute students works for us. Turns out you were dead on. I was asked two weeks ago if I was okay with being interviewed for an upcoming story regarding the company, and that I was one of two people in the entire company chosen. I thought you might get a kick out of that.

Thank you very much.”

Age Discrimination San Diego

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