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Have you been wrongfully terminated?

Are you being discriminated against by your employer?

Has your employer retaliated against you?

Have you been terminated for whistle blowing?

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Wrongful Termination cases are on the rise in Manhattan Beach and across the State of California. If you have been wrongfully terminated from your job, or are being discriminated against, you are not alone!

One of the most prominent employment law attorneys in the State of California is available to stand by your side and protect our rights against the unlawful acts of your employer. The thought of going up against your employer in a legal battle to protect your rights, is sometimes a scary one. Knowing that many employers can hire high powered law firms to represent them is enough to make most wrongfully terminated employees simply quietly let their cases go unheard.

But Stephen Danz has been defending employees in California for over 20 years and has a proven track record and hundreds of satisfied former clients. He has taken cases against some of the largest employers in the State and across the globe to trial and/or settlement hearings and won millions of dollars in judgments.

Stephen Danz is an expert in employment law cases.

He travels the country and the world attending and teaching at seminars on employment law issues. He serves as senior counsel for every case taken by the firm throughout the State and regularly travels between offices from San Diego to San Francisco, meeting with clients, attending court hearings and depositions, and conducting trials and settlement conferences. Stephen, along with local counsel, will keep you informed about the status of your case, about the possible claims you may have, and about the potential outcomes. Stephen meets with clients in his Los Angeles offices or locally in Manhattan Beach, whichever is more convenient for the client.

Wrongful Termination cases arise when an employer fires an employee for some illegal reason.

Most employees in California are considered ‘at-will’ employees. Unless you actually have a written employment agreement, this means that you can be fired for no reason, or for any good reason. The law is clear however, that you cannot be fired for a ‘bad’ reason.

People are often fired because of their race, color, national origin, sex, disability, sexual preferences, sexual orientation, sexual identity, age (if you’re over 40), or mental or physical condition. These are all considered BAD reasons, and there are actual laws that protect employees…even ‘at-will’ employees…from being fired for any of these reasons.

Another illegal or bad reason you may have been fired is because you exercised some right that you as an employee posses, such as the right to join together to form a union, or to attend jury duty, or vote. You may also have been fired for exercising your rights under one of the many ‘leave laws’ in the State or the United States.

Stephen commonly sees cases that involve the denial of rights you have been given under California law, or Federal law. Wage and Hour actions, denial of FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) or USERRA (Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act) rights, discrimination under the ADAAA (Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act), are cases the Law Offices of Steven Danz sees on a daily basis. Though we do not handle Worker’s Compensation Claims, we do have relationships with other attorneys experienced in those matters and can make excellent referrals.

Stephen and one of his associates will sit down with you, during a free consultation, to discuss the reasons you were terminated, or the reason you were denied certain benefits. Perhaps you were not given a promotion, even though you were the only qualified candidate, because of your race or age. Perhaps your overtime hours were cut because you took a medical leave.

Whatever the case, Stephen and his associates will analyze the facts of your case and let you know of any possible claims you may have and what the potential outcomes may be. He will guide you through the confusing process of litigating an employment law case and will help you determine how you would like to see your case handled. One of the main goals of the Law Offices of Stephen Danz is to make you feel secure in the knowledge that you have expert help who is not afraid to go up against the largest of employers.


There are also many cases where employees bring an illegal practice to their employer’s attention. This is very common in the healthcare industry. Oftentimes labs will misclassify lab tests in order to charge a higher fee. Employees who point out the potential fraud are sometimes fired for not playing along.

The number of these cases has been increasing over the last decade, and the courts and law makers are cracking down and enforcing strict guidelines against healthcare companies.

If you feel that you were fired or are being treated unfairly because you attempted to alert your employer or some government agency to the unlawful practices of your employer, then you ARE BEING RETALIATED AGAINST!

Stephen Danz in an expert in these types of case and has been handling them for decades.

Most of the cases we handle go through a lengthy discovery process and then through settlement and potentially a court battle. You are free to attend any hearing on your case, but we understand the difficulty in taking time off from work or school or arranging for childcare and so we will keep you apprised of any hearings or meetings where your presence is necessary, but will also let you know when you do not need to attend in order to minimize the disruption your case will have on your daily life.

As your legal representation, Stephen Danz and his associates will attempt to shield you from many of the uncomfortable aspects of bringing an employment law case against your present or former employer.

Call the Law Offices of Stephen Danz today to schedule a free consultation. All of our scheduling is done through our Los Angeles office, but we are free to meet with you locally in Manhattan Beach or anywhere in California, either at one of our offices or outside of the office, if that is more convenient for you. We are aware of the difficulty of negotiating traffic in California and want to make our meetings as painless as possible for our clients. You may also fill out the contact form on the website and submit your questions or facts about your case in that way.

We look forward to hearing from you, and to defending you and your rights from the unlawful acts of your employer.

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