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At the Law Offices of Stephen Danz and Associates, we specialize in employment law and we are committed to helping employees seek justice from the wrongdoings of their employers by providing services to employees throughout San Diego. Have you been harassed at your workplace and your employer has done nothing about it? Have you been unlawfully terminated? Have you been the victim of discrimination at work based on your sex, national origin, race, religion, or age?

Our team of labor lawyers has the experience, knowledge, and skills necessary to swing your case in your favor. We are one of the top firms in California and we serve employees throughout the state of California.

If you have been hurt or taken advantage of; do what is right and ‘blow that whistle’. Call the employment lawyer  Stephen Danz & Associates. We represent San Diego residents on all employment law matters including the following areas:

  • Wage and Hour
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Disability Discrimination
  • Race Discrimination
  • Sex Discrimination
  • Wrongful Termination

At the law offices of Stephen Danz and Associates, we believe that an employee’s health is the most important thing. We specialize in dealing with workplace health and safety violations. If your employer is violating Occupational Health and Safety regulations, tell us today. Don’t risk a serious injury, call the law offices of Stephen Danz and Associates, and get a whistleblower lawyer in San Diego to protect you. Whistleblowers are protected under the law; if you have already reported unsafe practices in the workplace and have been the victim of employer retaliation, let us help you bring your employer to justice. Don’t settle for a legal team that won’t take your side. We never represent employers, only employees and we will do everything in our power to make things right for you.

If you are suffering from a legal dispute at work, or if your employer is threatening you with the loss of your job due to union involvement, call the law offices of Stephen Danz and Associates and let our labor lawyer in San Diego fight for you.

Know your rights: if you’ve been the victim of an unjust termination, we want to and can help you. Here at the Law Offices of Stephen Danz and Associates, we’re committed to fighting for employees and standing up to crooked employers.

Don’t settle for less, call Stephen Danz and Associates today!

For more information; contact our employment attorney in San Diego, Stephen Danz & Associates, today.