Billionaire Alki David Liable for $50 Million In Punitive Damages in Sexual Battery Lawsuit

The Los Angeles Times reported on December 2, 2019, that Hollywood executive Alki David, a hologram businessman, is required to pay $50 million in punitive damages – after a jury deliberation found he was liable for “battery, sexual battery and sexual harassment against a former employee.”

According to legal experts, the punitive damage award is one of the highest employment verdicts ever. The punitive damage award follows a compensatory damage award by the same jury against Mr. David for $8.25 million. The plaintiff is Mahim Khan, who worked for David’s media businesses.

The punitive damage verdict is the “third verdict this year against David, who has been accused of numerous acts of inappropriate behavior by former employees.” Two sexual harassment cases are pending.

Ms. Khan’s lawsuit claims that in 2014, Mr. David (who is also heir to a Coca-Cola bottling company fortune and is worth billions) “thrust his pelvic area into her face, simulated oral sex, moaned, zipped up his pants and walked away saying, ‘Thanks, M.K.’”

Previously, another California jury ordered that Mr. David pay another employee $11.1 million based on the plaintiff’s claim that he terminated her employment when she refused to have sex with him. The compensatory damages were later reduced but the punitive damage award of $8 million remained. Mr. David was also ordered to pay legal fees in the amount of $1.34 million in this case.

In another sexual misconduct lawsuit, a jury last month, awarded a former comedy writer for Mr. David’s company, Hologram USA, $650,000 in compensatory damages and $4.35 million for punitive damages. The plaintiff in this case “alleged David put his hands on her throat and pushed her chair into a wall, banging her head, among other claims. According to her suit, David told Reeves that he needed to buy supplies for his ‘rape room.’”

Another case was settled out of court and one was declared a mistrial. Mr. David, in all the cases contested the sexual misconduct allegations.

One of the jurors in the Khan case, “90-year-old Reg Green, called David’s behavior ‘grotesque’ and said that in determining the amount awarded, ‘it was clear to me quite soon that he was a force that could not be contained unless there was a major penalty to pay.’”

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