Brittany Torbert

Orange County, CA
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Brittany Torbert is a Sacramento native. Brittany is known for her honesty, strength in reasoning, and will to win. Ms. Torbert is devoted to providing quality legal representation and creating personal relationships with her clients. She is committed to being an attentive and supportive counselor, and bringing creative and effective problem solving strategies to labor and employment disputes. She achieves success for her clients by being an aggressive advocate, albeit through reasonable and courteous communication with adversaries. Brittany Torbert was a full scholarship recipient and received the American Jurisprudence Award/Academic Excellence Award multiple times for earning the highest grade in a class during law school. She served as a judicial extern for the Honorable Judge Battaglia at the federal court in San Diego, participated in Law Review, and was published in the San Diego Lawyer Magazine and Western Legal History Journal. She has honed her skills as an attorney by working as a law clerk in various settings and was admitted to the California Bar in May, 2017. She has a passion for representing the little guy, and has found representing employees is an important public service to ensure employers do not abuse their power as sometimes happens when left unchecked.