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We all aim to have jobs that are purposeful, fulfilling, and provide with enough income to meet our financial needs and provide for our children. There is no exact law to ensure our jobs will meet these qualifications, but at least there are certain rights for employees to ensure that basic needs and human rights are met, such as paid maternity leave for a nursing mother, adequate work accommodation, pay equality for qualified, skilled employees and protection from discrimination in the workplace. The law on the side of employees protects employers that can undervalue our self-worth, lower our wages, prevent career advancement, and cause extreme emotional distress. In your work environment, discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual assault, and wrongful termination are all illegal. We seek to inform every one of their rights and acts to protect all California workers and be available when representation is required.

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Types of Employment Lawsuits Prosecuted By Stephen Danz & Associates

Although employers are free to hire who they want, fire for plausible reasons, to assign tasks and to discipline employees for wrongdoings, the law makes it illegal for them to discriminate against people because of specific characteristics, called “protected classifications.” These include race, age, sex, national origin, religious affiliation, marital status, disability, pregnancy, sexual orientation, transgenderism, and (in) height and/or weight (California Government Code Section 12940). Discrimination is sometimes shown by behavior and comments such as the denial of a promotion, wrongful termination of employment, or a change in the terms or conditions of employment (wages, hours, bonuses and job assignments). Only employers can be sued for discrimination, even if a supervisor or manager was the one who discriminated against the employee.

At Stephen Danz & Associates, our Calabasas  employment lawyers are experienced in handling almost every employment discrimination case as well as the following types of cases:

  • Harassment: Sexual harassment is the most common form of harassment, but people also face harassment because of their race, pregnancy, political involvement, even for their job title. We represent victims and defend them from harassment.
  • Failure to  properly train employees
  • Unsafe Workplace conditions
  • Hourly wage violations
  • Whistleblower rights
  • Wrongful Termination: This includes violations of public policies such as being terminated for blowing the whistle on illegal or fraudulent activity
  • Violation of Family and Medical Leave Law: We provide legal advice and representation to employees who have been denied leave for family and medical reasons including pregnancy.

Have You Been Discriminated Against, Harassed Or Denied Your Rights at Work?

The employee rights lawyers at Stephen Danz & Associates are one of the most successful in Calabasas with the representation of employees who have been discriminated against, harassed, or wrongfully terminated.

Our firm has rightfully recovered damages from well-known companies as well as states, cities and county governments on behalf of employees in individual lawsuits. We have obtained millions in verdicts and settlements for our clients, which includes a multi-million dollar verdict in a whistleblower case.

If you have been the victim of workplace harassment or discrimination or have been wrongfully terminated, please, contact or call us online for a confidential, and no-obligation review of your case. 

We strive to raise awareness for California employees to know their rights and defenses under the law. We hope our California employment lawyers at Stephen Danz & Associates can guide you in understanding your legal rights.