California Company Agrees to Settle EEOC Sexual Harassment Claim and Retaliation Claim for $690,000

The EEOC recently announced that Sierra Creative Systems, Inc. doing business as Addressers agreed to settle an EEOC lawsuit. Addressers is a California company that does printing, mailing, and fulfillment.

The EEOC charges included the following:

  • The sexual harassment part of the lawsuit claimed that at Sierra Creative there was, “unwelcome touching, sexual comments, and derogatory statements about women.”
  • The lawsuit charged that the California company failed to properly respond to discrimination complaints involving a supervisor.
  • The lawsuit also charged that the people who complained about the sexual harassment were “denied hours and subjected to retaliatory harassment.”

The EEOC asserts that these sexual harassment and retaliatory actions violate the Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. This law is a federal law enacted to provide protection for workers including the right to file complaints.

Additional requirements imposed on Sierra Creative Systems

In addition to the financial penalty of $690,000, the California company also agreed to:

  • Injunctive relief to prevent further harassment, discrimination, and retaliation
  • “Retain an external EEO consultant to monitor compliance” with the law and the decree
  • Review and change its policies as necessary
  • Ensure that employees are informed of their rights and duties under Title VII
  • Yearly unannounced audits to encourage employees to file complaints and ensure accountability
  • Develop a “hotline and a centralized tracking system for discrimination, harassment and retaliation complaints.”

The consent decree will be in effect for three years.

The EEOC stated that “sexual harassment remains a persistent problem and we encourage employers to take proactive steps to ensure a workplace free of harassment.’ It also stated that, “retaliation can chill a workforce from coming forward and reporting illegal behavior.”

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