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At Stephen Danz and Associates, we guide employees in the financial industry who face discrimination, retaliation, harassment, or wrongful termination.  Many California employers in this industry are known to abuse their power.  To combat such conduct, our law firm steps in and evens the playing field.  We are dedicated to representing employees and have been an ardent advocate for employee rights for decades.  The attorneys and support staff, as well as co-counsel, are a powerful legal team on your side.  The financial industry is diverse and complex.  It is also the largest industry in the United States.  Accordingly, employees who face discrimination, retaliation, harassment, wrongful termination or related employer violations, should seek the help of competent and knowledgeable California employment lawyers.  The attorney you trust should have the experience and fortitude to stand against the largest defense firms.

We have been representing only plaintiffs for five decades.  This experience, resources, and years of litigation prepared us to fight for your legal rights in California’s state and federal courts.  The team focuses only on employment law and therefore can provide every client with maximum compensation and most favorable results.  This is critical as employment laws constantly change – whether it is the types of charges, defenses, deadlines, and court rules.  Trust our team for its transparency, knowledge and constant communication.    Below, we list several recent common questions we get from clients.  Each situation is unique. Therefore, we encourage you to call us to discuss your case.

If I take paid or unpaid COVID-related leave, can I return to my old job when I or the person I am caring for recovers?

  • In most circumstances, an employee returning from Families First Coronavirus Response Act (“FFCRA”) paid sick leave or family leave must be restored to the same or equivalent position. An employer may only deny restoration under limited circumstances, including:
  • when the employee would not otherwise have been employed when reinstatement is requested, for example, because the employer conducted a layoff that affected the employee’s position; or
  • if denying restoration is necessary to prevent “substantial and grievous economic injury” to the employer’s operations.
  • An employee working for an employer with fewer than 25 employees may be denied restoration if all of the following conditions apply:
  • the employee took leave under the Emergency FMLA for child care reasons;
  • the employee’s position no longer exists because of economic conditions or other changes caused by the public health emergency during the leave period; and
  • the employer makes reasonable efforts to contact the employee if an equivalent position becomes available during the one-year period after the employee’s leave.
  • State or local emergency COVID-related leave laws may also protect the employee’s job. If you have any questions about employment rights in California, complete the in-take form or call us.

Can my employer fire me if I test positive for or have symptoms of COVID-19?

  • No. The FFCRA requires covered employers to provide paid sick leave and restore the employee to the same or equivalent position when they recover from COVID-19. Under state and federal laws, you have the right to return from this type of leave.
  • Most state and local paid sick leave laws expressly prohibit retaliation for taking paid leave and some impose a presumption in favor of the employee for adverse employment actions taken within a specific time period of taking the leave. Call us if you have any specific questions.