Case Results

Patrick vs. Confidential

Client Patrick and Steve Danz celebrate a major settlement victory in a wrongful termination case arising from attempted theft of intellectual property. The case involved patented software and arose in Santa Clara County. The case was co-counseled by IP attorney John Genga and Navid Kanani.


Confidential vs. Confidential
After a five-week bench trial, Stephen Danz & Associates obtained a judgment for over $845,000 on behalf of their client in a hotly contested disability discrimination and wage and hour case in San Bernardino Superior Court. Read On

Smith vs. Confidential Class Action Settled for 1.9M
SD&A is pleased to announce the settlement of a major class action against a national transportation company. The allegations of the complaint, on file in Los Angeles Superior Court, reveal that the company requires over 5,000 employees in California to carry cell phones with GPS apps on them at all times and use them during work. Read On

Paul Reed vs. United Parcel Service
Plaintiff requested an accommodation of two part-time shifts due to his back injury with benefits that would be available to him as a full-time employee. The case involved complex issues involving the Collective Bargaining Agreement. A confidential settlement was reached.

Yoko Dominquez vs. Washington Mutual Savings Bank (WaMu)
Landmark California case litigated by a team of three SD&A attorneys through appeal resulted in a confidential settlement for sex preference discrimination and retaliation. Read On

Sidicane vs. Sisters of the Third Order of Sacred Heart Hospital
January 1990
Lawsuit result based on federal false claims statutes results in a 3.5 million dollar settlement. Read On
Chapman vs. Regents of the University of California
Sex harassment against UCLA. Plaintiff worked in the office of the Chancellor of UCLA and was subjected to a hostile environment based on her sex. Read On
Aerospace Settlement
” A very happy aerospace employee accepting his settlement check for reporting illegal & fraudulent billing practices against the federal government.” Read On
Confidential vs. Confidential
Our client was terminated under guise of a lay-off from a large insurance brokerage company for refusing to participate in a number of illegal activities regarding the placement of insurance. Read On
Jane Doe vs. Manufacturing Company
Our female client worked for a large industrial manufacturing company on the assembly line. She was the only female worker on the night shift and suffered numerous racial and sexual comments such as “Ho in the House” repeatedly spoken over the loudspeaker by a male supervisor on the same shift. Read On
Maxwell vs Beverly Enterprises
“Managing agent” status has been redefined in California by our case! The California Supreme Court did not reverse this decision even though defendants appealed it. Read On
Citizens of Bhopal, India vs. Union Carbide Corporation
In one of the largest personal injury/wrongful death cases in history, Steve Danz represented, along with F. Lee Bailey and Stanley McChesney, over 25,000 residents of Bhopal, India, who were killed and injured when a Union Carbide factory emitted a poisonous gas cloud. Read On
Thomas Juhl vs. Confidential
October 2011
Substantial six figure recovery in arbitration plus attorney fees for whistleblower we alleged refused to violate antitrust laws. Read On
Dopkins vs. Youngs Market
I want to thank Mr. Stephen Danz and Mr. Ron Norman for their representation in a recent employment agreement litigation and settlement. Mr. Danz and Mr. Norman were always available, clearly explaining the process and possible outcomes. Read On
Confidential vs Confidential
July 2013
Food manufacturing industry employee receives $300,000 for whistleblowing and complaining about numerous violations of Food and Drug Administration Laws. Read On
D.A. vs. Major Grocery Chain
August 2013
Major grocery chain settles manager’s case claiming depression as a result of harassment by a supervisor. Read On

Confidential vs Confidential
“Employee of legal sports betting company was verbally sexually harassed by union president and threatened with job loss if she didn’t “cooperate”. SD&A was able to save her job and settled her claim for $50,000.”

Doe Engineer vs. Nuclear Energy Provider. 

Wrongful termination, retaliation and federal false claim (Eastern District of California) based on allegations that the provider marketed an inferior power plant design that provided only one-fourth of promised energy capacity and an undisclosed but significant increase in “down time”. Further allegations included a claim that a foreign government was given false information which led this country to “rubber stamp” the purchase. Confidential settlement.

Miranda vs. (Corporate) Government Solutions.

Plaintiff was a background investigator for a national corporation which specialized in police employment application background checks.  She went out on medical stress leave which lasted slightly less than a year. Defendant terminated her employment even though the plaintiff had been released to work the next month or so. Confidential settlement.