Confidential vs. Confidential

Our client was terminated under guise of lay-off from a large insurance brokerage company for refusing to participate in a number of illegal activities regarding the placement of insurance. Among other practices our client discovered, where “pass through” charges to tenants in hundreds of buildings, kickbacks which violated the California Insurance Code. Illegal rebates were being given to building owners. Our client received a six-figure settlement.

Attorney Stephen Danz

Stephen Danz has over 30 years of practical legal experience, trying hundreds of cases within that time. Regularly appearing before the state and federal courts throughout the state of California, Mr. Danz has earned a reputation as a leading attorney for plaintiffs employment law. He is admitted to practice law in ALL federal and state courts of California. For the federal bar, that includes the Northern, Southern, Eastern and Central Districts of California. He is authorized to practice in all 52 counties of California.