Thomas Juhl vs. Confidential

October 2011

Our client, Tom Juhl, was fired from this nationally-known manufacturer of PCV electrical conduit for refusing to engage in activities which he believed violated price-fixing and unfair bidding laws. The company first demoted him from Vice President to inside sales, gave him a number of “dead” house accounts, and then fired him for poor performance. This was after reducing his salary by 50%.

At binding arbitration, Nancy Warren, arbitrator awarded Tom over $450,000, finding that he was in fact terminated in violation of public policy. The defendants filed a motion to deny the award and we filed a motion to confirm the award. The award was confirmed and defendants have appealed. The appeal has been dismissed as the parties have resolved the dispute to their mutual satisfaction.

John Derrick was lead attorney in the appeal of this matter. Steve S was co counsel in the underlying arbitration.

Attorney Stephen Danz

Stephen Danz has over 30 years of practical legal experience, trying hundreds of cases within that time. Regularly appearing before the state and federal courts throughout the state of California, Mr. Danz has earned a reputation as a leading attorney for plaintiffs employment law. He is admitted to practice law in ALL federal and state courts of California. For the federal bar, that includes the Northern, Southern, Eastern and Central Districts of California. He is authorized to practice in all 52 counties of California.