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Cause of Action Checklist Newly Edited for 2014

Today we are announcing the publication of our newest edition of the Causes of Action Checklist 2014. This is a major tool used by California plaintiff’s employment lawyers to make sure they have included all relevant causes of action in their client’s cases. We are honored to have many excellent suggestions made from our fellow practitioners and believe this is the ;most thorough checklist. It covers all Common Law (including termination in violation of public policy, Labor Code, Civil Code and Government Code causes of action with helpful hints on when a particular cause might be used. If you are an attorney and would like to use this form, please visit our attorney referral program on this web site or just call Steve Danz at 877 789 ¬†9707.

The checklist contains a special section on many federal causes of action as well, with primary emphasis on our focused area of practice, whistle blower protection and retaliation. California has its own myriad whistle blower protection laws, both for state employees and private employees.

Danz and ¬†Associates has advocated in Sacramento as part of the California Employment Attorneys’ Association (CELA), for major legislative reform in the arena of worker’s rights. We are proud to have advocated for large penalties for employers who intentionally classify workers as independent contractors when they are employees (this can generate a penalty of pup to $25,000 per worker).