Discrimination Lawyers In Los Angeles

For decades, the Los Angeles based discrimination attorneys at Stephen Danz & Associates have fought for employees against legally actionable discrimination across the entire state of California for employees. In fact, we commit our entire firm to serving only employees, never employers.

You are entitled to a discrimination-free workplace under California law. We work closely with you to secure that right and to recover compensation for when they have been wronged. We regularly handle matters involving employment discrimination, workplace discrimination and retaliation, among other issues.

The Resources You Need To Fight Back Against Wrongful Employer Discrimination

Our  discrimination Lawyer offer aggressive legal counsel for employees in all discrimination-related legal matters. To learn more about the law and processes involved in these discrimination matters, we invite you to review the white papers found at each link below.

Clients seek our representation in these matters because they know we have the resources they need to fight against even the largest employers in California. Based out of Los Angeles with offices throughout the state, we can meet with you where you need us.

Each lawyer of our firm and each local counsel works with Stephen on every case the firm handles. This is only one respect in which Stephen works to ensure that our entire firm adheres to the employees-first vision that continues to make us and our clients successful.

Accessible To Employees Fighting Discrimination

To schedule an initial consultation with our firm, call us at 877-789-9707. You can also reach us online. All consultations are kept in strict confidence.