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Splashed across news headlines, we have seen instances of harassment, discrimination, and retaliation against Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.  Although this hospital system has specific policies against such conduct, we have seen time and time again violations of this policy via media outlets.  In recent years, the health care system made the news for battery, sexual harassment, and discrimination against its female employees.  In addition, we have seen cases where there was purported discrimination based on disability and age.  To make matters worse, management at the system retaliation against employees for bringing up these cases by instituting pretext and labor code violations in retaliation.

The number of employment discrimination lawsuits against Cedars-Sinai places the spotlight on how this employer has hired top law firms to defend and attempt to settle the many age discrimination violations, Equal Pay Act violations, Unfair Competition Law violations, hiring discrimination, sexual harassment, gender and sex discrimination, whistleblower retaliation, and other sexual misconduct.  If you are a former or current employee at Cedar-Sinai Medical Center, please be aware that there have been many non-public settlements holding the company accountable for a culture filled with bias, harassment, discrimination, retaliation, and intimidation.  We continually receive reports of rampant hostile work environment and unlawful wage disparity at many California healthcare entities.

Stephen Danz and Associates’ affiliated employment attorneys handle cases solely on behalf of local employees who have experienced labor law violations such as discrimination, wrongful termination, sexual harassment, unequal pay, and retaliation.  Our experienced and dedicated attorneys understand the client needs to protect his or her rights and income as well as the ability to continue to work.  When you trust us with your case, we represent you and your interests with confidence and transparency.  Our reputation speaks for itself as we tirelessly work to represent your employment interests so that your professional and financial futures are protected.

We devote our practice to fighting for workers’ rights.  Employment law in California is a specialized area and cases are hard-fought.  Therefore, having one of the most reputable employee-side law firms on your side is critical.  If you are in California and searching for attorneys that are both experienced and aggressive, look no further and contact one of our offices.  When encountering discrimination, wrongful termination, or retaliation in the workplace, many California employees have turned to our attorneys for guidance.  In turn, we represent employees throughout California in their fight against employers that have taken advantage of their upper hand.  Our attorneys cover cities in Northern California and Southern California as the State’s courts are as specialized and diverse as the State’s landscape.

Discrimination Based on Age: Unlawful Age-Related Conduct

The Fair Employment and Housing Act (“FEHA”) prohibits employment discrimination and other unlawful employment practices against individuals age 40 or older. An employer, however, may refuse employment due to age if required or allowed by law in rare instances.  Please be aware that each of the following actions, on their own, are not unlawful employment practices:

  • Promotions within existing staff; Hiring or promotion based on experience and training.
  • Rehiring based on seniority and prior service; and Hiring under an established recruiting program from high schools, colleges, universities, or trade schools.

However, the FEHA exempts mandatory retirement plans for the following individuals from its non-discrimination provisions:

  • Tenured faculty members at certain institutes of higher education, if there is a policy permitting their reemployment on a year-to-year basis.
  • Physicians at least 70 years old employed by a professional medical corporation, if its articles or bylaws provide for compulsory retirement.
  • Bona fide executive or high policy-making employees at least 65 years old, if they held those positions for the two-year period immediately before compulsory retirement and are entitled to an immediate nonforfeitable annual retirement benefit of at least $27,000 in the aggregate.

Interestingly, an employer may also provide altered, reduced, or eliminated health benefits or health care reimbursement plans to retired persons that are eligible for Medicare health benefits, as well as retiree medical benefit plans, contractual provisions, and practices in effect on or after January 1, 2011.  Moreover, an employer with a private pension or retirement plan must allow qualifying employees to continue employment beyond a specified retirement date upon receipt of reasonable written notice. The FEHA regulations provide further guidance for private employees.

Employment Discrimination Against Veterans; Military & Veteran-Related Unlawful Conduct

The FEHA’s non-discrimination rules regarding military members and veterans do not prevent employers from identifying such individuals to award a lawful preference to veterans. Similarly, the FEHA’s nondiscrimination rules regarding sex do not affect employer rights to use veteran status as a factor in employee selection or to give special consideration to Vietnam-era veterans.

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