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Over the last several years, we have noticed an uptick in the number of employment discrimination lawsuits against California companies.  For example, as recent as a few weeks ago, a San Francisco Appeals court ruled that Google (and its parent company Alphabet) violated several labor laws.  Further, many settlements against Google or other California corporations are not made public. However, those who are on the front lines know that there is no shortage of the following types of allegations: age discrimination, Equal Pay Act violation, Unfair Competition Law violation, hiring discrimination, sexual harassment, gender and sex discrimination, whistleblowing NDAs, and sexual misconduct.

If you are a former or current employee at Alphabet or Google, please be aware that there have been many settlements holding the company accountable for a culture filled with bias, harassment, discrimination, retaliation, and intimidation.  We continually receive reports of rampant hostile work environment and unlawful wage disparity at California companies.

We devote our practice to fighting for workers’ rights.  Employment law in California is a specialized area and cases are hard-fought.  Therefore, having the one of the largest employee-side law firms on your side is critical.  If you are in California and searching for attorneys that are both experienced and aggressive, look no further and contact one of our offices.  When encountering discrimination, wrongful termination, or retaliation in the workplace, many California employees have turned to our attorneys for guidance.  In turn, we represent employees throughout California in their fight against employers that have taken advantage of their upper hand.  Our attorneys cover cities in Northern California and Southern California as the State’s courts are as specialized and diverse as the State’s landscape.

A recent case we handled included Marital Status-Related Misconduct.  It is unlawful to ask a job applicant about his or her marital status, unless a permissible defense exists.  An employer, however, may ask an applicant the following questions related to marital status:

  • If he or she has ever used another name, but for business reasons only (for example, to check the applicant’s work history), and not to determine marital status.
  • Whether he or she has a spouse that works for the employer, but this information can only be used in making lawful employment decisions.

Please note that an employer cannot justify marital status discrimination because of the following job responsibilities: Travel, Entertainment, or other non-office hour duties.  In addition, an employer may not require a female applicant or employee to use her husband’s last name.  In addition, a policy that prohibits married coworkers from working together because they are married is unlawful.  An employer, however, may “reasonably regulate” the working of spouses in the same department, division, or facility for these lawful business reasons: Supervision, Safety, Security, or Morale.  For example, an employer may, based on a lawful business reason, refuse to:

  • Place one spouse under the direct supervision of the other spouse, or
  • Place both spouses in the same department, division, or facility if the work involves potential conflicts of interest or other hazards greater for married couples than for other persons.

In addition, if coworkers marry, an employer must make reasonable efforts to assign job duties to minimize problems of supervision, safety, security, or morale.  In general, employment benefits should not depend on marital status. Employers may offer, however, bona fide health plans that provide additional or greater benefits to employees with dependents, as compared to those who have less or none.  If you have any questions about the above, please contact our office by completing the intake form or calling us.

Stephen Danz and Associates’ affiliated employment attorneys handle cases solely on behalf of local employees who have experienced labor law violations such as discrimination, wrongful termination, sexual harassment, unequal pay, and retaliation.  Our experienced and dedicated attorneys understand the client needs to protect his or her rights and income as well as the ability to continue to work.  When you trust us with your case, we represent you and your interests with confidence and transparency.  Our reputation speaks for itself as we tirelessly work to represent your employment interests so that your professional and financial futures are protected.