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Oracle Corporation is widely known as one of the largest American multinational technology companies headquartered in California.  However, what many do not know is how much litigation Oracle faces in terms of employment discrimination, harassment, hostile work environment, unlawful termination, and retaliation.  In fact, our attorneys have been tracking many such lawsuits via public channels.  Namely, a former Oracle employee – a senior finance manager – sued Oracle for retaliation and wrongful termination for reporting workplace harassment.  More dramatically, the Department of Labor sued Oracle for over $400 million for its practices against black, female, and Asian employees.  In addition, we are aware of allegations of wage discrimination against Oracle as well as other similar violations of state and federal laws.  The most common state law violated is the Fair Employment and Housing Act (“FEHA”) whereas the most common federal law violated is Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (“Title VII”).

The numerous instances of violations are not uncommon and exemplify an upward trend in the number of employment discrimination lawsuits against technology companies.  Courts have had enough and are ruling in favor of employees who have been discriminated against for years in violation of labor laws.  Further, we are aware of other settlements against Oracle for age discrimination, Equal Pay Act violation, Unfair Competition Law violation, hiring discrimination, sexual harassment, gender and sex discrimination, whistleblower retaliation, and other sexual misconduct.

If you are a former or current employee at Oracle, please be aware that there have been many recent settlements holding California companies accountable for a culture filled with bias, harassment, discrimination, retaliation, and intimidation.  We continually receive reports of rampant hostile work environment and unlawful wage disparity at California corporations.  Please use our site pages for educational purposes only.  To discuss the specific facts of your case, please call our offices or complete our in-take form.

What are the required Leave Laws in California?

In addition to medical and family leaves, California law requires most employers to grant several additional types of leave, including civic duty leaves for employees to vote; sit on juries; act as court witnesses; serve as volunteer firefighters, reserve peace officers, or emergency rescue personnel; or attend meetings at a child’s school; leave to serve as an organ or bone marrow donor; leave for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking for specified purposes; leave for victims of serious and violent crimes required to attend judicial proceedings, whether the employee is the victim or the victim is the immediate family member, registered domestic partner, or child of a registered domestic partner; leave for victims of certain crimes to attend judicial proceedings based on the victim’s request, whether the employee is the victim or the victim is a spouse, parent, child, sibling, or guardian; leave for military spouses while a spouse is home from deployment; eave to voluntarily complete drug or alcohol rehabilitation; vacation pay. In California, vacation time is considered accrued wages and is earned as work is performed. Use it or lose it policies are not valid. Also, accrued and unused vacation time must be paid out at termination.  There is no federal law regulating vacation accrual or payout.

The federal Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”) sets minimum wage payment requirements at the federal level, but states are free to enact more stringent laws. California’s wage and hour law is more employee-friendly than federal law in several areas. These differences can be expensive to the employer, both in wages paid and timekeeping duties.  Then, there are also city-specific minimum wages.  Contact our office if you believe that you have not been provided with the requirement sick time or wage.  One of the attorneys affiliated with Stephen Danz and Associates’ will contact you to discuss your case.  Only an attorney handles cases, and our affiliated attorneys only represent employees who have experienced labor law violations such as discrimination, wrongful termination, sexual harassment, unequal pay, and retaliation.  Our experienced and dedicated attorneys understand the client needs to protect his or her rights and income as well as the ability to continue to work.  When you trust us with your case, we represent you and your interests with confidence and transparency.  Our reputation speaks for itself as we tirelessly work to represent your employment interests so that your professional and financial futures are protected.

We devote our practice to fighting for workers’ rights.  Employment law in California is a specialized area and cases are hard-fought.  Therefore, having the one of the largest employee-side law firms on your side is critical.  If you are in California and searching for attorneys that are both experienced and aggressive, look no further and contact one of our offices.  When encountering discrimination, wrongful termination, or retaliation in the workplace, many California employees have turned to our attorneys for guidance.  In turn, we represent employees throughout California in their fight against employers that have taken advantage of their upper hand.  Our attorneys cover cities in Northern California and Southern California as the State’s courts are as specialized and diverse as the State’s landscape.