Employment Attorneys for Employees in California’s Real Estate Industry

California Real Estate Industry – Employment Attorneys

Stephen Danz and Associates is a law firm dedicated to representing employees in the real estate industry. As one of the largest industries in California, real estate environs are unfortunately prone to employees whose rights are violated.  Accordingly, such employees have many protections under state and federal laws to stem out unfair treatment based on protected factors such as age, race, national origin, gender, disability, pregnancy, religion or sexual orientation.

Our law firm attorneys and support staff, as well as co-counsel, are a powerful legal team on your side.  When it comes to taking on the large employers and their defense counsels, we are your steadfast advocates.  California’s real estate industry is diverse and complex.  It is also one of the largest industries in the United States.  Therefore, employees who face discrimination, retaliation, harassment, wrongful termination or related employer prohibited activity in this realm, should seek the help of specialized, competent and knowledgeable California employment lawyers.  The attorney you trust should have the experience and fortitude to stand against the largest defense firms, and not be concerned about commencing litigation.

Our leadership has practiced law in California for five decades.  Accordingly, the experience, resources, and years of litigation prepared us to fight for your legal rights in California’s state and federal courts.  The team focuses only on employment law and therefore can provide clients with maximum compensation and most favorable results.  This is critical as employment laws constantly change – whether it is the types of charges, defenses, deadlines, or court rules.  Trust our team for its transparency, knowledge and constant communication.  Below, we list several recent common COVID-19 questions we got from clients.  Each situation is unique.  Therefore, we encourage you to call us to discuss your individual case.

How do I apply for unemployment benefits? Can Employers Take Any Action Against Employees Who Apply for Unemployment?

  • Each state administers their own unemployment benefits process. California provides the process here: https://www.edd.ca.gov/unemployment/
  • California Employment Development Department (“EDD”) administers the federal PUC program under the CARES Act as well as the state unemployment benefit program. Workers do not need to file separate claims for the state and federal benefits. In addition, if your hours are reduced, you may file for UI benefits. You may not be discriminated against for filing for UI benefits.

My employer fired/furloughed me. How much can I collect in unemployment insurance (UI) benefits?

  • Eligible claimants are generally entitled to 26 to 30 weeks of UI benefit payments that are based on a weekly benefit rate determined by each state. In periods of high unemployment, such as now, claimants may be eligible for extended benefits, which are funded by federal and state governments. Under the CARES Act, unemployment benefits have been increased in both the benefit amount and period.
  • Under the PUA program, a temporary program through December 31, 2020, payment is provided to workers unemployed or unable to work due to COVID-19 for up to 39 weeks of unemployment benefits.
  • Under the federal PUC program, both individuals regularly qualifying for unemployment benefits and those qualifying for PUA can receive an additional $600 per week for up to four months until July 31, 2020. Employees are entitled to this amount even if that amount brings them above their pre-unemployment earnings level.
  • Under the Emergency Compensation Program, individuals can receive up to 13 weeks of additional unemployment benefits per year through December 31, 2020 if they:
  • have exhausted all other benefits;
  • have no right to regular compensation; and
  • are able, available, and actively seeking work.