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Stephen Danz and Associates employment attorneys handle all types of employment and wage-related cases on behalf of employees throughout California. Our team of lawyers primarily focus on discrimination, harassment, retaliation, and wrongful discharge cases.  If you or someone you know believe you have a potential employment case, please complete our free case evaluation form or call our office.  One of our attorneys will then speak with you confidently about your potential case.  Our California employment lawyers have extensive experience representing employees in state and federal courts, and on a wide variety of labor disputes. We are dedicated to our practice and aim to obtain maximum results in each and every case.

Our affiliated Concord, California workplace discrimination and retaliation lawyers help those who have been terminated at work to better understand their rights.  Employees in our state are at-will and have the right to work and earn a living without fear of discrimination.  In fact, over the last fifty years, civil rights acts have made it illegal for employers in California and around the country to discriminate.  Some of the areas where discrimination is common includes hiring, promoting, or conducting business.  However, despite the many protective laws, workplace discrimination still takes place. In addition, similar to discrimination, retaliation takes many forms. The primary examples is when a person is fired for exercising his or her rights as a worker. However, there are many other ways considered retaliation under California and federal law including reducing scheduled hours, changing positions or of work duties, decrease in pay, loss of benefits, and oss of scheduled break periods.

The California Fair Employment and Housing Act (“FEHA”), Cal. Gov. Code § 12900 et seq., protects employees and applicants from discrimination and harassment based on their membership in a protected class, and prohibits retaliation.  Beyond the FEHA, other California laws also contain protections for workers, many of which are discussed below.  One form of discrimination is Discrimination Against Employees for Filing Claims with Labor Commissioner.  In this instance, employers are prohibited from discriminating or discharging an employee or applicant because that individual:

  • Engaged in any activity delineated in the California Labor Code’s chapters concerning the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement (DLSE) or political affiliations
  • Filed a bona fide complaint or initiated any proceedings with the Labor Commissioner
  • Testified or plans to testify in any proceedings with the Labor Commissioner –or–
  • Exercised “any rights” afforded to the individual under the Labor Code

Cal. Lab. Code § 98.6(a).  An employer commits a misdemeanor by refusing to rehire a former employee or promote a current employee following a determination that the individual is eligible for reinstatement or promotion by (1) a hearing authorized by law; (2) a grievance procedure; or (3) an arbitration. Cal. Lab. Code § 98.6(b)(2). An aggrieved employee can instigate proceedings with the DLSE to obtain reemployment and/or compensation of lost wages and benefits. (Cal. Lab. Code § 98.7.)

Stephen Danz and Associates’ Concord, California employment attorneys handle cases on behalf of local employees who have experienced discrimination, wrongful termination, sexual harassment, unequal pay, and retaliation, and their employment rights were violated.  Our experienced and dedicated attorneys understand the client’s needs to protect his or her rights and income as well as the ability to continue to work.  When you trust us with your case, we represent you and your interests with confidence and transparency.  Our reputation speaks for itself as we tirelessly work to represent your employment interests so that your professional and financial futures are protected.

We devote our practice to fighting for workers’ rights.  Employment law in California is a specialized area and cases are hard-fought.  Therefore, having the one of the high-rated employee-side law firms on your side is critical.  If you are in Concord, California, and searching for attorneys that are both experienced and aggressive, look no further and contact our office.  When encountering discrimination, wrongful termination, or retaliation in the workplace, many California employees have turned to our offices for guidance.  In turn, we represent employees throughout California in their fight against employers that have taken advantage of their upper hand.  Our attorneys cover cities in Northern California and Southern California as the State’s courts are as specialized and diverse as the State’s landscape.