Employment Law

Serving All Of California: Los Angeles-Based Employment Law Attorneys

As a California provider of employee-only legal services, Los Angeles-based Stephen Danz & Associates prides itself on being able to protect employees effectively throughout the state. We offer our clients a fully staffed legal team that has gone head-to-head with the largest employers in the state and won. Our resources include multiple offices and attorneys throughout California. We place a high priority on making ourselves accessible to our clients. In fact, we commit ourselves to return phone calls to clients within one hour of receiving them.

Securing Your Rights As An Employee

We have fought hard to earn our reputation as pre-eminent employee-side litigation and trial lawyers. When employers and their counsel hear from us on your case, they will know you have retained a law firm dedicated to maximizing its clients’ rights, including the right to recover compensation due to them as a result of employer wrongdoing.

Because we have such deep resources, we represent employees in cases from across the complete range of employment law, including:

  • Whistleblower claims: our firm maintains a unique strength in this area, one of our cases having been described as a model for the rest of the nation.
  • Discrimination: our discrimination practice addresses a comprehensive variety of circumstances, including, and among many others, sexual orientation discrimination, pregnancy discrimination and race discrimination.
  • Wrongful termination and wage disputes

Our practice includes within its scope those issues relating to medical leave violations, government employment and workers’ compensation as well.

We regularly confront the illegal and wrongful practices of employers large and small. These cases see us protecting our clients’ rights when an employer has committed fraud, breached an employment contract (particularly a contract with an executive or manager) or misclassified employees. Our established firm knows how to wield a number of legal tools in these situations, tools including class action and punitive damages.

We Only Represent The Legal Interests Of Employees. Never Employers.

Experience firsthand our firm’s commitment to your rights as an employee. We invite clients from throughout the entire state of California to schedule a free initial consult to discuss the questions you have about employment law. Our Los Angeles based lawyers can be called 877-789-9707 or by email. We maintain ten offices throughout the state, so we can meet you where you are. We keep all consultations strictly confidential.