Equal Pay Act and Fair Pay Act Attorney in Los Angeles

Equal Pay Act and Fair Pay Act Attorneys in Los Angeles

Stephen Danz & Associates has been a cornerstone for employee rights in the workplace for almost four decades.  We successfully represented hundreds of clients in employment litigation cases throughout California.  When you contact our office, you will notice the exceptional attention that our attorneys provide under the guidance of Stephen Danz.  This begins with the assessment and investigation of the facts of your case and the free evaluation of the merit behind your claims.  Our initial complimentary consultation will ensure that you have the legal options and course of action.

In combination with the range of litigation services that we provide our clients, we also keep current on the laws enacted to safeguards employees.  Our attorneys make presentations write for magazines and journals, as well as educate other attorneys on new developments in the law.  We send quarterly e-blasts to hundreds of attorneys where we disseminate information including our famous Cause of Action Checklist.  Recently, we have focused on a new law that was implemented on January 1, 2016.  This new law – the Fair Pay Act – is another step that our legislators are taking to prevent employers from discriminating against their employees by paying them lower wages based on their gender.

Although employees have already been protected under the federal Equal Pay Act, California’s version Fair Pay Act is a natural extension and supplements the current laws.  It acts similarly to how California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act (“FEHA”) supplements and expands the protections afforded to employees under the federal Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (“Title VII”).  The Fair Pay Act applies to every employer that abides by California Labor Laws pertaining to minimum wages and overtime which is just about every employer in our state.  Fundamentally, if you know or believe that another employee is being paid more than you or someone you know because of his or her gender while he or she is doing the same job, then contact our office so that one of our attorneys can analyze your case.  We are available by phone at (877)789-9707 or via the online contact form on this page.

Similar to the federal Equal Pay Act, California’s Fair Pay Act outlaws employers’ paying a lower wage to employees of one gender over another.  The four elements of the jobs where wages may not be different include those jobs that require the same skill, effort, responsibility, and similar working conditions within the same facility.  On the other hand, the laws allow differing wages when the employer uses a system of factors that is not reliant on gender.  Specifically, California employers are permitted to use dissimilar rates of compensation depended on such factors as:

(1) Experience, Education or Training;
(2) Outcomes from objectives professionally developed ability tests;
(3) Locations where the employees work;
(4) Seniority, merit, or incentive structure;
(5) Quantity or quality of production as a measurement of pay.

One of the first questions we ask potential clients is for any notes, chronologies or specific conversations that they had with their supervisor and/or the Human Resources Department.  If the potential client does not have all of the details we need, we can always obtain such information through depositions, requests for documents and requests for admissions through the Discovery process.  Importantly, if we find that an employer violated the Fair Pay Act, we may inform that employer and demand corrective action, increasing the wages of the victims, penalties, back pay / lost wages, interest as well as attorney’s fees.  Please also note that a lawsuit must be filed in court within two years from when you discovered the violation by your employer.  The law grants an additional year to bring forth the action if the employer’s violations were willful.  At the same time, we may also recommend that our client file a charge complaint with the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement so that they can conduct their own investigation and potentially enforce the laws broker by the employer.

Our Los Angeles Fair Pay Act and Equal Pay Act attorneys have the knowledge, experience, and resources to represent you in wage discrepancy cases, sex or gender discrimination, harassment, and retaliation.  Therefore, if you believe that you have been discriminated against or treated unfairly with your wages, we may be able to recover money for your damages.  In addition, if you have been adversely affected by other employment-related violations such as employment discrimination, harassment or retaliation, contact Los Angeles area employment lawyers who focus on the representation of executives and employees.  To discuss your case and explain what we can do for you, speak to our Los Angeles based employment discrimination attorneys today for a free consultation at 877-789-9707.


Equal Pay Act and Fair Pay Act Attorney in Los Angeles

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Equal Pay Act and Fair Pay Act Attorney in Los Angeles
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