Escobar Test for Implied Certification Liability Is Mandatory

In a major 9th Circuit opinion issued on August 24, 2018, US ex rel Rose vs. Stephens Institute, a trial court’s denial of summary judgment brought by Stephens Institute was affirmed. In this qui tam action, the realtors (parties bringing the claim on behalf of the United States) presented evidence that the school paid illegal compensation to its recruiters to enroll students. This included incentive payments of up to $30,000 and in some cases a free trip to Hawaii. Citing to previous cases such as Hendow vs. University of Phoenix and US ex rel Escobar, the panel said the key question is whether the false certification of compliance with the Department of Education’s incentive compensation ban (“ICB”) was relevant to the granting of federal student loans. This panel concluded that Escobar’s essential standard of materiality could result in the fact finder concluding that payment was conditioned on adherence to this standard. In determining the materiality of the government’s payment, the court included factors such as: 1) Was the payment of DOE funds conditioned on compliance; 2) did the DOE generally ban and/or fine schools that violated the ICB; 3) were the payments of a large amount or trivial.
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