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Ex-Sony employee alleges racial discrimination, sexual harassment

Sony Pictures is dealing with the fallout of the hacking of its computer systems and its subsequent decision not to distribute the film “The Interview.” In addition, it is now facing a serious accusation of racially discriminatory hiring and promotional practices at the Los Angeles-based company.

A former administrative assistant in Sony’s International Distribution Division says she was passed over for promotion dozens of times because she is black. She also describes Sony as a place where black job applicants never get hired, and says her boss sexually harassed her on at least one occasion.

The woman worked for Sony from at least 2005 until 2011. In that time, she said at a news conference, she received good performance reviews, but was never promoted. She counted 52 employees who got promotions in those years, none of whom were black. Also, Sony hired 24 people in that time. Again, none of them were black. It is not clear if the woman, who is suing Sony for discrimination, wrongful termination and sexual harassment, is referring to her division specifically or Sony Pictures as a whole.

The plaintiff also says she had a poor relationship with her boss. One time, her boss allegedly forced her against her cubicle, chased out of the office and blocked her from leaving, while calling her derogatory names.

Racist hiring and promotional activities are against the law. Evidence could include a pattern of excluding members of a particular race from the staff or management positions. An experienced employment law attorney will know where to look for signs your employer discriminated against you.