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Management employees, unlike most workers, sign a written contract which sets forth the expectations, financial incentives, and financial rewards for executives. Companies who hire CEOs, officers, financial professionals, business executives, technical experts, and other highly educated and experienced workers always encourage management employees that they will be fully compensated for the work. Often, for a variety of reasons, the executive relationship deteriorates or the executive simply wants to retire or move elsewhere.

When disputes over the contract terms arise, the lawyers at Stephen Danz & Associates are ready to help professionals force employers to honor their contracts. We have been fighting for all levels of employees for 40 years. Our lawyers represent doctors, lawyers, business leaders, and salespeople – from mid-level management to employees earning well over a million dollars a year.

Types of executive contract issues we handle

Our California Executive Labor Lawyers represent management employees and anyone with a written contract with an employer in state and federal court. We also represent executive employees before arbitrators and in mediation when the contract dictates those remedies be used. Some of the disputes we handle include:

  • Stock options
  • The right to a bonus or commission
  • Disputes over salary
  • The right to retirement benefits
  • The terms of partnership agreements
  • Efforts by employers to enforce restrictive covenants which restrict the ability of the employee to work elsewhere
  • Disputes over who controls trade secrets, client lists, and intellectual property
  • Severance and buyout agreements

In most cases, we work with financial professionals who are experts at determining the true value of the benefits and financial interests.

We also represent executive employees who are being terminated or forced out due to age discrimination or because they have a disability. Both of these issues become more relevant as the employer ages.

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You can be certain the employer will have at least one, maybe multiple, high-priced attorneys on their side. If you are disputing the employer’s treatment of you, you need a respected experienced trial lawyer on your side. At Stephen Danz & Associates, we understand legal contracts, we know how to evaluate, through discovery and expert analysis, the financial issues and we have a reputation for successfully arguing before professionals, judges, and juries. For quality representation, please call (877)-789-9707 to arrange for a free consultation.