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The False Claims Act allows individuals to obtain an award for disclosing fraud committed against specific governmental agencies such as Medicare, Medicaid, and the U.S. Department of Defense. The False Claims Act was enacted during the administration of President Abraham Lincoln to help the government collect from people and companies that cheated the government by submitting false claims for payment. When disclosures are useful to the government and other conditions are met, the whistleblower can be awarded between 10% and 30% of the recoveries the U.S. Department of Justice obtains.

The False Claim Act lawyers at Stephen Danz & Associates have a strong record of success in obtaining rewards for whistleblowers. We explain to potential whistleblowers the risks and rewards of making a disclosure, what type of evidence and documents the government considers persuasive, and how the recovery process works. We also protect workers who have been wrongfully fired or reprimanded for filing a False Claim Act disclosure by bringing lawsuits to force the company to rehire employees, pay back pay, and pay additional damages, as well as legal fees.

The False Claim Act Process

The False Claim Act, enacted, in 1863 and amended several times is a complex law that requires the help of respected False Claims Act attorneys. The evidence presented must persuade the U.S. Department of Justice to want to take the case, formally known as to intervene, against the wrongdoers. The person who makes the disclosure, the whistleblower, must be the first to make the disclosure and must present credible evidence that the government did not already have.

The False Claims Act proceeding is filed under seal to give the Justice Department time to research the claim. Filings under seal also help protect the privacy of the whistleblower. If the government intervenes, then the whistleblower is entitled to between 10 and 25 percent of the recovery, depending on how valuable the information was. If the government does not intervene, the whistleblower and lawyer can bring their own claim where they will be entitled to between 25 and 30 percent of any recovery.

The main agencies covered by the False Claims Act are:

  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • The U.S. Defense Department

In Medicare and Medicaid cases, the government usually just pays for the service provided by the physician, hospital, or health care entity. In defense cases, the government often is paying for equipment the government received – in addition to services.

The False Claims Act also includes cases of fraud involving the environment, financial services, education, scientific research, and energy sources such as oil and gas.

Types of False Claims Act Fraud disclosures the government considers

Some of the specific types of fraud that doctors and health care providers often make, that can result in substantial recoveries and rewards for whistleblowers are:

  • Overbilling
  • Billing for services that were never rendered
  • Falsifying credentials
  • Improperly upcoding for services or goods
  • Providing unnecessary treatments
  • Obtaining kickbacks for making referrals
  • Making misrepresentations to support bills for services or goods that were provided
  • Off-label marketing
  • Medicare Part-D fraud
  • Pharmaceutical fraud

California does have many contractors who make agreements with the federal government. Fraud in defense contracts can include

  • Providing shoddy and unworkable equipment
  • Overbilling or mischarging for the goods
  • Providing false information about the quality of the goods

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Individuals can obtain large awards for helping the Justice Department bring False Claims Act cases against wrongdoers. False Claims Act litigation is a very complicated procedure. The definitions of fraud and the conditions for proving fraud do constantly change as new laws, regulations, and case decisions are made. An experienced whistleblower attorney guides claimants through the litigation process.

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