Former Employee Wins $11.1 million judgment against Hologram Production Executive

Former Employee Wins $11.1 million judgment against Hologram Production Executive

The Los Angeles Times reported on April 27, 2019, that a 42-year old woman was awarded $3.1 million in compensatory and non-economic damages and $8 million in punitive damages – for her sexual harassment lawsuit. Ms. Chastity Jones brought her claim against Alki David, the founder of Hologram USA. Hologram created holograms for pop star Michael Jackson, singer Billie Holiday, rapper Tupac Shakur, and entertainers Jackie Wilson and Bernie Mac. Ms. Jones also worked for FilmOn.TV Networks, an online TV service.

She claimed that Mr. David fired her after she refused to have sex with him. Ms. Jones also claimed that he committed sexual battery. The jury originally entered a verdict of $4.6 million for the compensatory losses but reduced it, on a request from the LA Superior Court judge, to reconsider their verdict. Compensatory damages include medical expanse and lost wages. The non-economic damages were for her emotional distress.

The trial lasted two weeks. Ms. Jones asserted the following sexual harassment and battery wrongs by the defendant:

  • Mr. David touched her inappropriately
  • He showed a pornographic video on her computer
  • He brought a male stripper to the workplace to celebrate an executive’s birthday. Ms. Jones stated she considered this act offensive.
  • Improper sexual advances

The plaintiff was hired in January 2015 and fired in November 2016. The jury found that Ms. Jones was wrongfully fired when she refused Mr. David’s advances. They also found that the management of the workplace knew or should have known that the workplace created a hostile environment. Workers have the right to feel like their workplace is safe and comfortable so they can do their job.

There’s no excuse for sexual harassment or assault. Employers and supervisors deserve to be held accountable. Even without any physical touching, employees can file a claim for sexual harassment and wrongful termination – if the employer creates a hostile environment. At the law offices of Stephen Danz & Associates, we understand how upsetting and devastating it can be to be taken advantage of work or improperly pressured due to your sex.

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