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We are a law firm dedicated to the representation of victims of sex and gender discrimination. In general, sex and gender discrimination is the unequal treatment of applicants or employees based on their sex/gender.  Within the employment realm, treating applicants or employees unfairly or unequally on the basis of their sex/gender is illegal.  Some examples of unlawful sex/gender discrimination include providing different compensation, salary, working conditions, promotions, bonus, tasks or hiring based on the individual’s gender.

Another unique type of sex/gender discrimination is sexual harassment.  Employers may not create an environment that is not secure for a man or a woman.   Each employee must be afforded the opportunity to perform his or her work without unjust demands for romantic relationships or communications that interfere with the ability to work.  Both the federal Title VII of the Civil Rights Act (“Title VII”) and California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act (“FEHA”) prohibit sex discrimination and sexual harassment in the workplace.

The San Diego office of Stephan Danz and Associates has attorneys who have years of experience representing applicants and employees who have been victimized by sex or gender discrimination. Gender Discrimination Attorney in San Diego Stephen Danz has over four decades of experience in California’s complex court system.  We are employment discrimination focused attorneys who are at your service to ensure your rights are recognized.  To schedule a call with one of our experienced attorneys, please contact our office at 877-789-9707 for a free initial consultation.

Do Not Be A Victim – Hold Your Employer Accountable!

We know that sex/gender discrimination cases are sensitive and highly confidential.  Accordingly, our office exercises the utmost care in ensuring that proper attention and confidentiality is provided when investigating your claim.  Rest assured that our experienced and knowledge will prevail when provided with sufficient evidence.  We also know how to obtain such evidence through complex means in the deposition, experts, and discovery.  Since these cases come in a variety of ways, we make sure that we cover any related claims such as wrongful termination based on gender, retaliation after reporting gender discrimination to a government authority, attorneys or upper management, and filing the correct forms.

If you believe that any of the above instances occurred to you or your colleagues in the workplace, consult with some of the most experienced San Diego Sex Discrimination Lawyers at Stephen Danz and Associates.  We have successfully settled or litigated hundreds of cases of sex/gender discrimination.  Each individual who contacts us for a free, no-obligation consultation at 877-789-9707, will be granted ample time to discuss the case as well as fully understand the process.  We value our clients and develop a strategy toward success.  With the right resources, decades of experience, and the know-how, our firm is prepared to take your sex/gender discrimination case seriously, and we are ready and able to negotiate a settlement or take your sex discrimination case to court.

Remedies Are Based on Proper Representation and Accurate Strategy

Prevailing in California’s court system is contingent on attorney representation, evidence, and the proper implementation of legal strategy.  Proper representation achieves maximum results based on the remedies obtained under Title VII and FEHA.  Some of these remedies include lost wages, front pay which is pay that will compensate the employee for lost future earnings that would have been earned if he or she was not discriminated against, reinstatement to the position, attorney’s fees and court costs.  In addition, if we can show that the sex/gender discrimination was willful, then your award may include double wage damages and benefit damages.

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If you or your co-worker have been adversely affected by sex/gender discrimination or retaliation at work you need a Gender Discrimination Attorney in San Diego. Contact the law offices of Stephen Danz & Associates in the San Diego area for employment discrimination. We specialize in the representation of executives and employees in sex/gender discrimination cases.  To discuss your case and explain what we can do for you, speak to our local San Diego based employment discrimination attorneys today for a free consultation at 877-789-9707.