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Stephen Danz & Associates aggressively protects the rights of employees all across California. This includes every category of employees from the highest-ranking employees in a company, to the everyday employees responsible for daily tasks working at the forefront of the company. Stephen Danz & Associates has experience and knowledge handling a large variety of employment claims and lawsuit cases. Our employment law firm brings a unique perspective to our clients. Our legal services include representing employees who are victims of:

  • Sexually harassment 
  • Race, Sex, Gender, and Sexual Orientation Discrimination
  • Wrongfully termination
  • Whistleblowers, Qui Tam Federal False Claims 
  • Retaliation Claims

If you work or live in the city of Glendale, and have experienced illegal discrimination, wrongful harassment termination or are a whistleblower, call our employment attorneys at Stephen Danz & Associates. With offices located throughout California, Stephen Danz serves clients in Glendale and throughout the county of Los Angeles.

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Glendale Sexual Harassment Attorney

At Stephen & Danz & Associates We Have the Experience to Defend You in Any Sexual Harassment Case in Glendale 

If you think you have been the victim of unwelcome sexual advances or sexual harassment, you have rights that deserve to be defended. Let us at Stephen Danz & Associates successfully handle these complicated matters.

Sexual Harassment in a Work Environment May Take Various Forms

Inappropriate comments and whistles when you walk around the office are clear forms of sexual harassment, so are direct solicitations from coworkers, supervisors, and managers for sexual comments or acts. However, sexual harassment may take on more unclear forms as well, such as:

  • Promising a promotion or raise (or threatening a demotion or reduction in pay) in exchange for sexual favors or activities;
  • Making crude jokes or comments that are sexual in nature or that denigrate one sex or the other, even if you are not the intended audience for the joke or comment;
  • Inappropriate touching, such as hugging, pinching, massaging, fondling, and/or kissing;
  • Making sexual comments about one’s appearance or body; and/or
  • Asking questions about a person’s sexual history, orientation, and/or preferences.

No one has to live with sexual harassment. If you find yourself the victim of any offensive behavior or comments that are sexual in nature, take action by making a record of the harassment (when the harassment occurred, who committed the harassing act, and what manager or supervisor you spoke with about the harassment) also speaking with the Stephen Danz & Associates about your legal remedies.

Glendale Wrongful Termination Lawyer

Getting terminated quickly from your job is a difficult and stressful experience, even in an at-will employment state such as California. Although California law permits employers to end the employment relationship with an employee at any instance and without warning, this does not give employers the right to terminate an employee for any reason they choose.

At Stephen Danz & Associates we are Experienced Wrongful Termination and Retaliation Lawyers Defending Unfairly Terminated or Disciplined Employees in and around Glendale California

Firing an employee or taking other various disciplinary actions against an employee in violation of the employee’s rights is illegal, and the employee may have options to file a wrongful termination or retaliation lawsuit. 

Illegal Wrongful Termination Reasons

Terminating an employee or taking any disciplinary action against an employee (such as demoting the employee or exploiting the employee to harassment) for any of the following reasons may lead the employee to a wrongful termination or retaliation lawsuit:

  • Discrimination: Federal and state laws prohibit employers from taking any unfavorable action against an employee (including termination) because of the employee’s disability, race, sex, and certain other protected classifications.
  • Breach of contracts: Employers may create employment contracts with their employees when for example, the employer directly promises not to fire the employee except when necessary. If such a contract exists, violating the contract can lead to a wrongful termination lawsuit.
  • Public policy: An employer in California is not allowed to terminate an employee or taking other disciplinary action against an employee for causes that violate public policy (such as firing an employee who will not perform an illegal act or will be demoting an employee for reporting a workplace safety violation to proper authorities).

If you think you may have been wrongfully terminated or fired in retaliation for reporting an illegal, unethical, or unsafe activity, speak with the attorneys at Stephen Danz & Associates today at 877-789-9707.

Recovery and Damages Are Available for Employees who were Wrongfully Terminated in Glendale California

Winning your wrongful termination lawsuit can lead to the recovery of compensation for your lost wages and any emotional distress you may have suffered. In some cases, your employer may be ordered by the court to rehire you on the previous rate of pay. In extreme cases of conduct, the court may also enable you to recover punitive damages from your former employer.

Your rights to recovery following a wrongful or retaliatory termination in Glendale must be exercised quickly after your employment has ended.

Uncovering the reason for your termination may take time and work, so it is important to retain the services of an experienced and knowledgeable wrongful termination law firm who will aggressively fight to defend your rights and make sure that your employer is made to account for the harm he or she caused to you by wrongfully terminating your employment. Contact Stephen Danz & Associates immediately and utilize our help in pursuing your legal rights.

Glendale Workplace Discrimination Lawyers

As an employee in Glendale California, it is important that you understand your rights to workplace discrimination. In the country altogether, it is illegal for any employer to discriminate against an employee based on factors such as race, gender, sexual orientation, or disability.

At Stephen Danz & Associates We are Qualified Workplace Discrimination Attorneys Assisting Employees throughout California

If you feel that you have been discriminated against, our employment law firm has the right discrimination lawyers to hear your case.

What Counts as Workplace Discrimination?

Both federal and state laws protect employees against workplace discrimination. In California, the California Fair Employment and Housing Act bans employers from discriminating against an employee or potential employee based on the following:

  • Color
  • Race
  • Religion
  • Ancestry
  • Origin
  • Disability
  • Genetic information
  • Medical condition
  • Pregnancy
  • Gender
  • Gender identity
  • Marital status
  • Veteran status
  • Military status

What Might be Discrimination in the Workplace?

Discrimination is treating a person differently because of the characteristics listed above that have nothing to do with job performance alone. For example, promoting someone to a superior job position based on their skin color, or denying a more qualified person a promotion based on their race, are both forms of discrimination.

Refusing to hire someone, failing to pay a worker the same wage as other equivalent workers, not allowing certain workers opportunities, denying the use of any company amenities, or issuing termination that only affect certain categories of workers are all examples of discrimination. Discrimination also includes all forms of harassment that are based on personal identities, such as using racial terms to describe a person.

You Have the Right to Take Action Against Workplace Discrimination

If you feel that you’ve been discriminated against, you have rights, and you have many options to use them. Should you feel, you have a case for discrimination and need the assistance of a Glendale employment attorney, contact Stephen Danz & Associates today for a free no obligation consultation. In a lawsuit, you can go after money damages for lost wages/benefits and future lost earnings, for your own expenses you’ve suffered, and for your emotional distress. You may be able to seek reinstatement to your old job. Punitive damages may also be available. And in all cases, you can demand that the employer pays for your reasonable attorney’s fees

Glendale Whistleblower Attorney

Whistleblowers those who expose illegal conduct that is unlawful, or unethical – these individuals are critical to defending consumers, the general public, and the business environment from lawbreakers who seek to reduce their costs unlawfully to make a profit.

State and federal governments don’t have enough resources to hold every business accountable for their choices, so they ask the help of whistleblowers by encouraging them to file qui tam lawsuits.

Stephen Danz & Associates has the Nations Leading Whistleblower & Qui Tam Attorneys

Generally, in a qui tam whistleblower lawsuit, one person files a lawsuit under the federal False Claims Act or its state-level equivalent on behalf of a state or federal government agency and declares the claim that the agency should have had against the business.

In other words, the person filing the claim is the whistleblower, and he/she stands in the place of the government agency, files the claims that the agency could itself assert against the business, and wins compensation on behalf of the agency. In return for their efforts, a successful qui tam lawsuit will permit the whistleblower to receive a portion of the overall recovery as a reward for filing the claim.

Glendale Qui Tam Whistleblower Lawsuits Can Be Difficult to Win

The mere fact that a Glendale business, even your employer engaged in an unethical or illegal act does not mean the lawsuit is guaranteed. Businesses usually employ skilled attorneys and law firms to help them in defeating whistleblower lawsuits.  Stephen Danz & Associates has the knowledge, legal skill, and resources to help Glendale whistleblowers expose illegal or unethical conduct through a qui tam lawsuit. When we accept your case, we will guide you through every step of the process and help ensure you receive the compensation you are entitled.

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