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Government Employee Victim of Racial Discrimination

We are pleased to report a verdict in excess of $1,000,000 against the City of Los Angeles in the matter of Jubari Jumaane vs. City of Los Angeles. In this case, the City and the LAFD were successfully sued based on the employee’s complaint of workplace racism and discrimination. Blatant racial slurs, jokes and drawings were alleged by the plaintiff. African Americans were depicted as cannibals or being “hosed down”. The employee claimed that he began to receive unfair criticism and a work-related injury was investigated, all as an act of retaliation. The plaintiff then claimed he was demoted and required to keep a journal of is whereabouts.

The lawsuit alleges severe harassment, discrimination, retaliation based on race and physical disability, a protected category in California. Our state laws against discrimination are enforced by the Department of Fair Employment and Housing, who routinely issue “right to sue” letters to our clients (we get them on their behalf) for presentation to the court.

What is remarkable about this verdict is that punitive damages are not awarded against public entities, so this verdict represented lost income and emotional distress only. Danz and Associates currently repreksents numerous government employees in discrimination, failure to accommodation.