Governor Newsome Announces Paid Sick Leave for California food Workers During the Pandemic and Other Consumer Protections

On August 16, 2020 Governor Newsome signed an executive order to help California food service workers during the COVID-19 health crisis. The protections apply to food workers for large employers by providing two weeks of paid sick leave. The order supplements a federal relief order that provides similar paid sick leave for smaller sized employers.

The order provides for supplement paid sick leave to workers who qualify if the work is subject to a quarantine has been ordered or to self-isolate for medical reasons.

As a practical concern, anyone who learns they have COVID-19 normally needs to self-isolate for two weeks to ensure they don’t infect others. Anyone who contracts COVID-19 may need weeks or months to recover from the illness unless they tragically die due to the disease.

The order applies to front line workers in the food industry. These workers include “farmworkers, agricultural workers, and those working in grocery stores and fast food chains, and as delivery drivers.” These workers are part of the state’s essential infrastructure network.

The executive order also includes standards to help protect food workers to allow the workers to wash their hands every half-hour or as needed to increase safe sanitation.

Governor Newsom said, ““These workers on the front lines of this crisis are our unsung heroes for continuing to work to ensure that Californians have food on their tables during these challenging times, and we must do everything in our power to make sure they are taken care of at home and in the workplace. Making sure they have paid sick leave and added protections in their place of work is critical.”

The Executive Order follows several other actions to protect food workers such as:

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