Hitachi Automotive Systems Agrees to Settle Discrimination Lawsuit for $85,000

The EEOC announced recently that Hitachi Automotive Systems Americas, Inc., agreed to settle a disability discrimination claim for $85,000 and other relief. Hitachi is a global supplier of automotive parts. The lawsuit by the EEOC claimed that Hitachi had refused to accommodate the disability of an assembly worker and had rescinded “an offer of permanent employment.”

The worker’s disability

The assembly worker had a medical disorder that necessitated frequent trips to the bathroom. She was a good worker. After she had finished her probationary period and a positive job evaluation, she had been offered a permanent job. During the screening process, the assembly worker had requested that she be allowed additional rest breaks beyond those which were standard for the company. That’s when Hitachi rescinded her job offer.

The EEOC states that Hitachi’s conduct violated the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The ADA precludes employers from making job choices based on someone’s disability.

The settlement agreement requires that Hitachi pay the assembly worker $85,000. Hitachi is also required to “adopt and implement a written ADA policy and a procedure for requesting reasonable accommodations under the ADA.” Hitachi must also conduct employee training on disability, employment discrimination, and “post equal employment opportunity notices.” In addition, Hitachi must send the EEOC periodic reports.

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