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If you’re up for Re-election, Don’t Sexually Harass People

Well, don’t sexually harass people ever, but especially then.

That’s my advice to Palmdale Assemblyman, Steve Fox, the freshmen member who is currently the subject of a lawsuit filed by a former staffer.

Nancy Finnigan served as Steve Fox’s legislative director for six months, during which time she claims to have suffered from sexual harassment stemming from actions by Fox that created a hostile work environment. She also claims to have been forced to work on matters for his private law firm.

Finnigan alleges that Fox indecently exposed himself to her when she went to his house to deliver materials from a session of the Assembly one evening. She says that he answered the door half naked, with a pair of pants held around his waist.

She has also added a claim for retaliation, as she was fired from her position in May of 2013 after voicing concerns about Fox’s misconduct and the misconduct of some of his employees.

Lisa Gasperoni, campaign manager for Fox, said the allegations are “without merit.”

“The timing on this thing is really interesting because we’re right in the middle of one of the most contested campaigns in the state,” she said, noting skeptically that “six weeks before the election, a woman files a lawsuit.”

This is the second lawsuit brought against Fox by a former employee; earlier this year, a former paralegal in Fox’s law practice sued the lawmaker for unpaid wages for work on his Assembly campaign, similar to Finnigan’s complaint that Fox required her to work for his private practice.

Fox finds himself in the unfortunate position of being one of the most vulnerable Democrats facing reelection this year. He eked out a 145-vote victory in 2012 and is now being challenged by Tom Lackey, a Republican member of the Palmdale City Council. Republicans have made Fox’s swing district a target.

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