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Stephen Danz Featured on NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt

Stephen Danz, Volunteer Pilot, and former Angel Flight West Board Member

Steve Danz is receiving a special award for flying 1000 missions for the first time in Angel Flight West (AFW) history.

Mr. Danz is the Senior Partner and Chief Trial Attorney for Danz & Associates, a statewide California employment law firm. Mr. Danz has been a licensed pilot since 1974 and a volunteer pilot with Angel Flight West since August 2000. Steve has flown over 1,000 flights for Angel Flight West, including purchasing commercial tickets when AFW was unable to match a pilot with a patient in need.



AFP Outstanding Volunteer Award

Outstanding Volunteer Award NPD

Attorney at Law Stephen Danz

As the leading state for improving employee rights, California continues to set the bar for ground-breaking employment law litigation and legislation. Incidents such as sexual harassment, wrongful termination, and discrimination are all incredibly overwhelming and frightening experiences. At Stephen Danz & Associates we strongly believe that no one should ever have to work in fear of their rights.

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Distinguished Volunteer Pilot

Over the past 15 years, Steven Danz has flown 835 missions and over 2,000 hours as a volunteer pilot for Angel Flight West (AFW). He goes above and beyond what is expected of a charitable aviation volunteer by personally purchasing commercial airline tickets for patients on occasions when a pilot cannot be matched to make the flight and by flying children in need to a variety of specialty summer camps


Iranian Network TV

Omid Iran Television Network interviews Stephen Danz.  Contact us today to speak to our Farsi speaking attorney ( Navid Khanani).