New Laws for 2019 – Anti-Harassment Training in the Workplace

California passed a number of laws that employers will have to start following in 2019. The laws are aimed at helping to protect California workers from many different types of discrimination and harassment.  One new law, signed by former Governor Jerry Brown is SB 1343.  This law is an amendment to The California Fair Employment and Housing Act (CFEHA), a major California law for the protection and rights of employees.

Prior to the amendment, CFEHA required that companies with 50 or more employees provide at least two hours of training for supervisors with six months of becoming a supervisor and once every two years thereafter in the following areas:

  • Sexual harassment,
  • Abusive conduct,
  • Gender-based harassment

The amendment expands the training requirement. Now any employer with just five or more employees (including seasonal and temporary employees) must give all supervisory employees at least two hours of harassment training. The employer must also provide at least one hour of sexual harassment training to all employees who aren’t supervisors by January 1, 2020 – in other words, by the end of this year, 2019. The general harassment training for supervisors and the sexual harassment training for non-supervisors must then be given once every two years thereafter.

The new law also requires that the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing develop online training courses on sexual harassment prevention that will be available on the department’s web site. The courses should be for one hour and two hours in duration.  The department will also need to make existing informational posters and fact sheets available to employers and to the public. The department will need to add information about the online sexual harassment training courses available to the employers and the public as well. The information should be available in different specified languages to reach a broader audience.

Some adjustments on exactly when these courses should be made available may apply.

Learn how the CFEAH applies to you

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