Our Practice

About Stephen Danz & Associates

Our roster boasts hundreds of years of combined legal experience. This experience provides our firm with the seasoned legal judgment confidently relied upon by employees, throughout the state of California, when they need help with difficult employment-related disputes. Individually, attorney Danz holds more than three decades of experience. As the primary attorney in every case we handle, he ensures that his vision permeates the entire firm.

Our Firm’s Vision: Legal Services Tailored to Your Goals as an Employee

We only represent employees. Our entire legal team commits itself on a daily basis to working closely with each client to provide him or her with individually tailored solutions to his or her problems at work.

As a California law firm committed entirely to employees, Stephen Danz & Associates can offer our clients a full menu of legal options throughout the state. Because we are known for our skilled trial and litigation practice, our clients’ options also often include excellent settlement terms complete with apologies, reinstatement, and other benefits.

Our firm’s personalized approach means helping clients understand all of these available options, including when the trial does and does not best protect your interests. To make your decision wisely, you will be able to rely confidently on our firm’s candid assessment of your case.