Practical Issues in Employment Termination Cases – Such as How You Prove You Were Fired for Your Race or Pregnancy 

You need your job to feed yourself and your family. Employers should never have the right to fire you because of your race, gender, national origin, disability, you’re getting too old, or for other reasons as this is considered Wrongful Termination against an employee. When employers violate federal or state discrimination laws, you have the right to demand justice through agency actions and court actions. If employers fire you because you asserted your rights, such as by filing a whistleblower claim, there are laws that prohibit retaliation that you can use.

Having the law on your side is essential. What’s just as critical though is being able to prove your claim. Often, an employer will just deny your asserts and say – prove it. Many employers will try to argue that they had the right to fire you because you weren’t a good worker.

Some of the ways, employees can prove discrimination was improper to include:

  • Your testimony. The more credible you appear, the stronger your case will be. Credibility depends on many factors such as what recollection of what happened you present. The more specific details you can present to show mistreatment because of your identity or your positions, the better.
  • The testimony of witnesses. Employees do have the right to call and question the supervisors, other employees, and anyone else who can verify that:
    • You were a good and valuable employee in all other respects
    • They support your testimony by verifying certain types of misconduct occurred
  • Documentation. Your performance reviews can be used to show you were a good record. There may be written documentation where the employer wrote or documented things to show the employer had a bias. Many employers are required to have written notices and/or policies explaining discrimination laws and rights

There are many other different ways, you can prove your claim depending on your circumstances. Experienced employee rights attorneys have the experience and resources to ask the questions that need to be asked, to question everyone involved, to request relevant documents, and to otherwise help show that your case has merit.

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