Pregnancy Discrimination Attorney in Pasadena

Pregnancy Discrimination Attorneys in Pasadena

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Pregnancy and childbirth should be one the happiest periods in someone’s life.  However, sadly, there are many companies that do not share this excitement and view pregnancy as standing in the way of productivity and conducting optimal business.  Our Pasadena attorneys report that the actions many employers take against protected individuals is discrimination when they perceive a pregnant employee or retaliation when the pregnant employee requests or takes maternity (or paternity) leave as permitted by the Family and Medical Leave Act (“FMLA”) or the California Family Rights Act (“CFRA”).  Accordingly, if you are a victim of discrimination, harassment or retaliation due to your pregnancy, the most important step to take is to know your legal options.  Pregnancy is one of the most protected statuses under both state and federal law and therefore those qualified under law should be treated fairly.

If you believe that you are a victim of discrimination, harassment or retaliation in the workplace due to your pregnancy, you have options.  Seek the counsel of a knowledgeable and experienced attorney.  You did not do anything wrong when you became pregnant.  Do not allow your employer to punish you or your loved ones because you sought to bring new life to this world.  Trust us to fight for you against your employer’s pregnancy discrimination.

Aggressive Representation Produces Maximum Results

At the law offices of Stephen Danz & Associates, Stephen and his associates fight for our clients and stands up against pregnancy discrimination, harassment and retaliation in Pasadena and throughout California.  Mr. Danz has almost 40 years of legal practice experience and has been selected as a Super Attorney which is a designation reserved for the top attorneys in California.  His specialization of employment law has distinguished him as one of the most feared plaintiff’s side attorneys in California.  Consequently, he can and will provide you with the trusted counsel and ambitious representation that you need when combatting companies and their aggressive defense attorneys.

Common Types of Pregnancy Discrimination

Our attorneys have identified trends within pregnancy discrimination claims.  In doing so, our research enables our attorneys to provide increasingly close assessments of pregnancy claims allowing the clients to make the best choices when it comes to their cases.  For example, some of these claims involve applicants denied a job because of their pregnancy (or perceived pregnancy), employees being treated differently because of their pregnancy, being passed over for a promotion or higher job title, being demoted or reassigned to a less desirable position once the employer knew of the pregnancy, or the worse is when the employee was discharges/terminated because she was pregnant.

Once we speak with you during the initial complimentary consultation, we will guide you on how to build the most powerful case strategy.  This will focus on showing how you were treated differently from other applicants or employees similarly situated and a major cause for such treatment was your pregnancy.  As result, the scales will weigh more in your favor and we will even the field even against the biggest companies with the most reputable law firms.  Please note that we take our cases on a contingency basis because we trust in our process and want to show our confidence – we don’t receive reimbursement unless you do.  Call us today at (877)789-9707 to arrange for the complimentary initial consultation to evaluate your case.  You will not be disappointed.  Se Habla Espanol.

Want to Know More? Here Are The Most Pertinent Laws Within Pregnancy Discrimination

Under the Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978 (“PDA”) and California’s Pregnancy Disability Leave (“PDL”), employers are prohibited from all forms of pregnancy-based discrimination.  Employers with 15 or more employees are obligated under the PDA law and employers with 5 or more employees are obligated under the PDL.  Hence, these laws protect women who are going through pregnancy, childbirth and related conditions the same way that they must be lawfully treated if they had other medical conditions.  There are also laws that prohibit physical or verbal harassment of pregnancy employees by supervisors, co-workers, and even clients/customers that the employer may be able to protect them from.  This includes certain language about pregnancy, ability to work, body imaging, demeaning comments, and hostile work environment.

California employers may not refuse to hire a pregnant woman due to her pregnancy.  At the same time, companies may not discriminate against pregnant employees via termination, demotion, non-promotion, layoff, discharge, job re-assignment, training, benefits, compensation/pay, benefits and other terms and conditions of employment.  In addition, companies may not use the biases of other workers or clients as a pretext or rationale to negatively act against a pregnant employee.

Our Pasadena employment lawyers also handle workplace issues under the Family Medical Leave Act (“FMLA”) and California’s Family Rights Act (“CFRA”).   Some of the most common issues handled include pregnancy leave and maternity/paternity leave.  Sadly, employers treat employees differently if they have to take pregnancy or medical leave.  In addition, if the pregnancy or medical condition creates a situation where the employee is temporarily disabled, the employer must treat the employee similarly as any other temporarily disabled employee.

Although California is known as one of the most liberal and employee-friendly states, pregnancy discrimination still exists at many of its workplaces, especially within Pasadena.  In response, attorneys at Stephen Danz and Associates are ready to represent any and all employees who experience or believe that their co-workers experience discrimination.  If you or your colleagues faced discrimination based on pregnancy, or what appears to be pregnancy, in violation of California or federal law, contact our office today.

FMLA and CFRA ensure that employees may not be denied equal employment opportunities or treatment due to their pregnancy or perceived pregnancy.  For a confidential free consultation, speak to our Pasadena pregnancy discrimination and workplace retaliation attorneys today at 877-789-9707.  We handle cases throughout California and are familiar with its laws and local courts.



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Pregnancy Discrimination Attorney in Pasadena

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“Mr. Danz and Ms. Porter,
Thank you very much for your legal assistance a few weeks back. The problems I was encountering at work were having an extremely adverse affect on every aspect of my daily life. Relationships with my fiance, friends, and family were growing increasingly tense, and my overall daily outlook was grim as a consequence of not being able to see any viable options to remedy the situation. Your willingness to write, speak over the phone, and meet with me was extremely generous. Furthermore, the way in which you treated my family and I was overwhelming. In a calm, compassionate, and sincere fashion, you were able to explain to us very clearly several meaningful options in which to resolve the conflict I had with my employer. On the drive home from meeting with both of you, I felt for the first time in a long time, a sense of relief and renewed ability to enjoy the moment.
Your confidence and professionalism in all of my interactions with you allowed me to trust you completely when advice was offered. I wrote a forceful letter to my employer that was as closely in line with the advice you gave I as could create. On the same day that I emailed said letter, I received a reply from my employer that demonstrated very clearly that I had his attention. Immediately after, I recieved verbal and written reassurances that the matter was being dealt with promptly. Within three weeks I was in the shop, and two weeks after that I my application for the opening at a closer location was accepted. Every part of what I was asking for was granted, and then some.
I would love to fly you both to Hawaii for an all expense paid vacation, but my wife would kill me as we are still in the “postponed” phase of our honeymoon due to lack of funds. At the moment, I give you my most sincere appreciation. I understand that you are both business persons, and had the issue gone to trial or arbitration, much money could have been made. At no time though, did I sense that your motivation was driven by a desire to win money. You both seemed genuinely driven by a desire to help someone who did not readily see how to help himself. That to me is the definition of love and compassion. Thank you for treating my wife, daughter, and I with such love and compassion.
I apologize for it taking so long to get the above thanks to you. My tardiness is in no way an indication that I take this issue lightly. My tardiness IS the result of wanting to dedicate adequate time to compose a thank you that reflects the sincerity and magnitude of my gratitude.
One last thing. Mr. Danz, do you remember mentioning that I was hired as a form of advertisement for the company? You said it would be a way for them to show potential new-hires that one of the top Universal Technical Institute students works for us. Turns out you were dead on. I was asked two weeks ago if I was okay with being interviewed for an upcoming story regarding the company, and that I was one of two people in the entire company chosen. I thought you might get a kick out of that.
Thank you very much.

– Brendan C.”

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