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Pregnancy Discrimination Attorneys in Sacramento

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Our law firm associates are leading practitioners in the field of employment discrimination law.  Although there have been many advances in the workplace stemming from the range of laws and the court ruling, there still remain many instances of employers discriminating against workers based on pregnancy.  Some of the most important laws are the federal Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978 (“PDA”) and California’s Pregnancy Disability Leave (“PDL”).  PDA amended Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to prohibit gender discrimination based on pregnancy.  Further, PDA prohibits discrimination, stating “pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions shall be treated the same for all employment-related purposes, including receipt of benefits under fringe benefit programs.”  Moreover, Title VII ensures that pregnancy may not be a factor when employers hire or terminate an employee. In addition, it protects females who sustain retaliation by their employers due to their pregnancies.

These laws have helped many women in the workplace who had no choice and suffered as a consequence.  Still, employers repeatedly violate these and other related laws that are meant to protect and safeguard pregnant employees from discrimination, retaliation, and harassment in the workplace.

Success is Directly Contingent on Proper Representation

Pregnancy employees in Sacramento have relied on Stephen Danz & Associates for years to fiercely represent them.  We have handled many cases whether the employee or applicant believed that the company treated her unfairly based on the pregnancy, perceived pregnancy, or medical conditions related to the pregnancy.  Some of our clients have brought cases to us that revolved around an employer’s actions showing that the pregnant applicant was passed over for hire or promotion due to her pregnancy.  We then review the applicant’s qualifications, knowledge, and experience since every scenario may be different and provide our client with legal options.  Remember that the laws are on your side especially in California.

If you reside in Sacramento or its surrounding areas and believe that you have been discriminated against due to your pregnancy, please call our office at (877)789-9707 or complete the online form to review your legal options with a dedicated attorney.  We will promptly meet with your confidentiality to evaluate the strength of your case and consult you on how your facts apply to the laws. See below for more details regarding the affected laws.

What Are the Laws?

Under the PDA and California’s PDL, employers are prohibited from all forms of pregnancy-based discrimination.  Employers with 15 or more employees are obligated under the PDA law and employers with 5 or more employees are obligated under the PDL.  Hence, these laws protect women who are going through pregnancy, childbirth, and related conditions the same way that they must be lawfully treated if they had other medical conditions.  There are also laws that prohibit physical or verbal harassment of pregnancy employees by supervisors, co-workers, and even clients/customers that the employer may be able to protect them from.  This includes certain language about pregnancy, ability to work, body imaging, demeaning comments, and hostile work environment.

California employers may not refuse to hire a pregnant woman due to her pregnancy.  At the same time, companies may not discriminate against pregnant employees via termination, demotion, non-promotion, layoff, discharge, job re-assignment, training, benefits, compensation/pay, benefits and other terms and conditions of employment.  In addition, companies may not use the biases of other workers or clients as a pretext or rationale to negatively act against a pregnant employee.

Our Sacramento employment lawyers also handle workplace issues under the Family Medical Leave Act (“FMLA”) and California’s Family Rights Act (“CFRA”).   Some of the most common issues handled include pregnancy leave and maternity/paternity leave.  Sadly, employers treat employees differently if they have to take pregnancy or medical leave.  In addition, if the pregnancy or medical condition creates a situation where the employee is temporarily disabled, the employer must treat the employee similarly as any other temporarily disabled employee.

In the last several years, our legislatures provided additional protections to pregnant employees by bolstering the FMLA and CFRA.  One of these is where the laws now require that women who are eligible under the FMLA must retain the same position when they come back to work.  This is similar to the laws that protect disabled employees. In addition, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”) started to warn employers that it is focusing more on pregnancy-related employment discrimination and retaliation.  It then portrayed this new focus by filing more complaints against infringing employers.  Current trends indicate that this type of focus will continue and curtail the discrimination that has been plaguing women in the workplace for years.

California Has Some of the Country’s Most Employee-Friendly Laws

Although California is known as one of the most liberal and employee-friendly states, pregnancy discrimination still exists at many of its workplaces, especially within Sacramento.  In response, attorneys at Stephen Danz and Associates are ready to represent any and all employees who experience or believe that their co-workers experience discrimination.  If you or your colleagues faced discrimination based on pregnancy, or what appears to be pregnancy, in violation of California or federal law, contact our office today.

FMLA and CFRA ensure that employees may not be denied equal employment opportunities or treatment due to their pregnancy or perceived pregnancy.  For a confidential free consultation, speak to our Sacramento pregnancy discrimination and workplace retaliation attorneys today at 877-789-9707.  We handle cases throughout California and are familiar with its laws and local courts.


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